Joe Biden Confirms He's Open To Nominating Obama To Supreme Court

Joe Biden Confirms He’s Open To Nominating Obama To Supreme Court

While campaigning in Iowa, Joe Biden was asked if he would nominate Barack Obama to the Supreme Court as president, and Biden said he would.

The former VP who loves to invoke the name of the past president at every chance he gets confirmed, “If he’d take it, yes.”

Keep in mind, folks, that’s despite Obama not endorsing him and rumors swirling that Obama was not supportive of Joe running for president.

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Take a look at Biden’s confirmation that he would nominate Obama to the Supreme Court if (by a long shot) he became POTUS in his own words for yourself:


Fox Business had the following to say about Joe Biden wanting a Supreme Court Justice Obama:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he would be open to the idea of nominating former President Barack Obama for the Supreme Court.

"If he'd take it, yes," Biden said Saturday in response to a question from an attendee at a campaign event in Washington, Iowa.

If Biden wins the 2020 election and nominates Obama, that would make the former president the second person in American history to serve as the country's chief executive and as a justice on its highest court. The first was former President William Howard Taft, who served as commander in chief from 1909 to 1913.

Obama did not endorse Biden when his former running mate entered the presidential race in April. Biden was Obama's vice president for both of his terms.

Townhall also said:

While stumping in Iowa ahead of the February caucuses, reporters asked former Vice President Joe Biden if he would ever nominate former President Barack Obama to be a member of the Supreme Court.

Biden's response was simple: "If he'd take it, yes."

Reporters from multiple news organizations, including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times confirmed the statement.

It has been interesting to watch Biden play up his connection to the former president. He's great at invoking Obama's name when it suits him, like when talking about the Affordable Care Act during the Democratic debates. In other instances, however, Biden does his best to make sure people know that he's his own person with his own set of ideals. 

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