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Federal Judge Goes Against Stacey Abrams’ Group, Allows Georgia To Clean Voter Rolls


In stark contrast to the state of Michigan, which is being sued for having thousands of dead people on their voter rolls, Georgia recently made the call to perform a cleaning out of their voter rolls – much to the anger of liberals.

When Georgia announced it would be purging around 309K inactive voters, meaning they’ve moved out of state, haven’t voted since 2012, or whose addresses were undeliverable, Democrat Stacey Abrams’ advocacy group Fair Fight Action made a huge racket.

The group filed an emergency notion to barr Georgia from cleaning the state’s voter rolls.

However, a federal judge has just ruled against Abrams (who lost a run for Georgia governor) and her group, giving Georgia the green light to go ahead and clean the voter rolls.

Take a look: 


ABC News has more details on the ruling:

Georgia doesn't have to put almost 100,000 voters back on its rolls, a federal judge ruled Friday.

U.S. District Judge Steve C. Jones ruled that a voting rights advocacy group founded by Democrat Stacey Abrams is improperly asking him to interpret state law. Jones also said the group hasn't proved that people who have been removed had their constitutional rights violated.

However, Jones also ordered Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to do more to warn people that they had been removed. The judge is especially singling out a southwest Georgia state House district where a Jan. 28 special election is scheduled. Voters there who have been removed have only until Monday to re-register.

Raffensperger in October released a list of over 313,000 voters whose registrations were at risk of being canceled. Fair Fight Action, a voting rights group, had asked for the purge to be halted.

“Today Judge Jones upheld Georgia’s decision to maintain clean voter rolls. Despite activists’ efforts and lawsuits that only waste taxpayers’ dollars, Georgia is continuing to ensure every eligible voter can vote and voter lists remain accurate,” Raffensperger said in a statement.

“Our efforts to protect Georgia voters have already resulted in approximately 26,500 voters remaining on the rolls who would have otherwise been purged, and the State is now required to take additional steps to notify purged voters as a result of our litigation," said Lauren Groh-Wargo, CEO of Fair Fight Action.

Voter purges in Georgia became a hot-button issue during last year’s race for governor between Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp, who won the race. Kemp served as secretary of state before being elected governor and oversaw aggressive voter purges during his tenure. Over 1.4 million voter registrations were canceled in Georgia between 2012 and 2018.

Townhall also had the following to say:

Recently, the state of Georgia announced that it would be removing from its voting rolls around 309,000 inactive voters who have moved out of state, whose addresses were undeliverable or who haven't voted since 2012.

Democrat Stacey Abrams -- who ran for governor of Georgia, lost and still hasn't conceded -- founded an advocacy group called Fair Fight Action that opposes such reasonable measures aimed at protecting the integrity of our elections. The same people convinced that Russia is meddling in our elections want to secure the ballot box with nothing more than the honor system. Fair Fight Action filed an emergency motion in an attempt to stop Georgia from cleaning up its voter rolls. 

In a ruling on Friday, a judge decided that Abrams' group was improperly asking the judge to interpret state law and said the group failed to prove anyone's constitutional rights would be violated as a result; and that any voter registration erroneously canceled could simply be restored within 24 to 48 hours, according to the defense.  


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