President Trump: “At This Time of Year, Christians Celebrate The Birth of OUR LORD and Savior Jesus Christ”

Did you ever think you’d hear a President speak like this again?

In the era of “Happy Holidays” and PC culture run amok, it was beginning to look like we’d never again have a President who boldly spoke of Jesus Christ and the reason for the season.

That was, until President Donald J. Trump came along.

Now we get wonderful messages like these from our President, who (1) declares the reason for the celebration is for the “birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and (2) who wishes us a Merry Christmas!

Did you catch all that?

I did.

I noticed he says “our” Lord and Savior, not just “the Christians”.

He puts himself in that category.

Then he names the name of Jesus Christ, not just some vague reference to “God” or a higher power.

Then he comes right out and says “Merry Christmas” without any apology.

This is why we love President Donald J. Trump!

Watch it for yourself:


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