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Group Of Democrats Send Letter To Bill Barr Demanding His Resignation


A band of Democrats, led by Rep. Hank Johnson, have just sent a letter to AG Bill Barr demanding that he resign.

For what, you may ask?

Well, the argument centers around Barr choosing John Durham to investigate the Russia probe origins.

Oh yeah, they’re also calling for Durham’s resignation.

Among the names signed at the bottom of the letter are “impeach the m-f-er” Rashida Tlaib and “AR-15s weigh more than 10 boxes” Sheila Jackson Lee.

Read the ridiculous letter the Democrats sent to Bill Barr here:





Townhall has more to say about the letter:

Multiple members of Congress on Friday sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr demanding that he and and United States Attorney John Durham resign. The six members of Congress claim the two men "inappropriately interfered in independent Department of Justice (DOJ) investigations and intentionally used your positions to mislead the American public in defense of President Donald J. Trump."

Their argument focuses solely on the fact that Barr "handpicked" Durham to investigate the origins of the Russia probe. The goal of Durham's investigation is to determine whether or not the probe was “lawful and appropriate."

According to these members, Barr's previous claims that the Trump campaign was spied upon is an "unfounded assertion" and was "inappropriate" because Inspector General Michael Horowitz was also completing his investigation.

"In the report released on on Monday December 9, the OIG concluded that the Justice Department acted within its jurisdiction initiating an investigation and that there was sufficient factual evidence to investigate the Trump campaign," the leader said. 

The group said Barr pushed "conspiracy theories" during an interview that took place on Tuesday, December 10 by suggesting that "the FBI under the Obama administration was a greater threat to our democracy than Russia."

"Your uncorroborated and inappropriate statements on the OIG report legitimize fringe conspiracy theories and erode public trust in the in the Justice Department's credibility," the letter stated.

The members of Congress also stated Barr "manipulate[d] facts to benefit President Trump" before Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report into the Russia investigation. 

The letter comes just as it has been announced that Durham's investigation will be wrapped up by spring - and that it promises to deliver much, much more evidence on corruption that the Inspector General report.

CNN via MSN has more details:

A clearer picture of the next charged investigation into the FBI's probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election is emerging, and President Donald Trump is already cashing in on suggestions that it could reveal damning accusations of bias by law enforcement and intelligence officials that last week's inspector general report debunked.

The probe by federal prosecutor John Durham is now said to be wrapped up as soon as springtime and Justice Department officials in recent days indicated that Durham will dig deeper and cut harder on questions that Michael Horowitz, the department's independent watchdog, already asked. 

Attorney General William Barr, long a skeptic of the FBI's tactics in operation "Crossfire Hurricane," has boosted Durham's access to foreign governments and US intelligence agencies, leaving some Democrats suspicious of potential political influence on the investigation.

Horowitz last week said his office found no evidence the FBI had improper motive in launching Crossfire Hurricane or carrying out certain investigative steps, but also detailed a series of errors by the FBI as they sought out intrusive surveillance measures.


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