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I saw this today and thought it was so good I had to share it with you.


It comes courtesy of my friend Pastor Myles Holmes and his Facebook page below.



A Poem by Grady L. Arnold  
December 18, 2019.

Twas the night before impeachment, and all through the house, not a Republican was worried, not even my spouse!
The Democrats had laid all their traps with great care, in hopes of capturing the president with the long golden hair!
The press found their seats in the gallery close by, in order to watch the Trump presidency die.
But all of a sudden, there arose such a clatter. It was the voice of the people!
The voices that elites say doesn’t matter.
Then who, to my surprise should appear, but it was Nancy Pelosi, looking quite insincere.
“I pray for the president both day and night”, she said, with a terrifying look of evil delight
“I pray that he leaves, I pray he be gone, I pray that the Green New Deal will catch on!”
I then observed them, all of Nancy’s crew: who lied every lie they could come up with, plus 2.  
And with a yell and a shout, she called them by name,
On Schiff! On Nadler! we have Trump to blame! On Maxine! On Schumer! Keep repeating our disdain!
We hate this president, we hate HIM most of all, Now impeach Him! Impeach Him! Impeach Him…All!
So the committees met, and the votes were taken, and yet the President remained unshaken.  
The Dems eyes, they twinkled, but their look, it was dour, their lies so creative, their faces, so sour!
And so hour by hour they bored people to death, until there was not one accusation left.
Russian collusion was originally their theme, then Mueller reported, and ruined their dreams.  
The Quid, it was Pro, stated one of the men, until Trump said, “nice try, ….try again!”
“Here is my phone call, and as you can see, it’s perfect, as perfect, as perfect can be. “
Then when it looked as if impeachment might die, Nadler thought and he thought, then he said with a sigh:
“Russian collusion is gone, and Quid Pro Quo, doesn’t work, why don’t we just tell everyone “He’s a jerk!”
Let’s say he’s abused his office, let’s say that he’s crazy! (while hiding the fact that we are all lazy!),
So they all got together, the Democrats did, and decided to all join in a new, dastardly fib.  
“He abused his power; he has stopped us cold! How could he be so ruthless, so bold!”
The new scheme worked, the Congress impeached, and they laid it at all at the senators’ feet.
So the senate trial convened, and who knows what they say,
But removing the president is not going to play,
So eventually the president they will have to acquit,
And the liberals will all have their conniption fits,
And within a year, the people will speak.  
And with a great roar, most likely repeat,
The miracle of the election of 2016, and make every Democrat cry and then scream.
For you may not like him, and he may be crude, but there is no denying “he’s one effective dude.!”
There are stock market highs, and lots of new jobs,
Economic growth, and building the wall,
Protection of the unborn, and good judges too,
And a hundred small things that benefit you.  
But the truth of it is, the list is too long,
To put in a poem, or, ballad, or song,
The list of achievements by Trump is impressive, and to repeat all the good things he has done... excessive,
So as Democrats continue their impeachment scheme, and as Trump rebuilds the American Dream,
It’s important to remember who controls it all, not Democrats or Republicans, not the big or the small,
But the one who was born……. in Bethlehem’s stall.
He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End,
King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
And he wants to call you friend.  
So Merry Christmas to all, and joy to mankind,
For God loves you, no matter what kind,
Of a sinner you are, or think yourself to be,
Jesus Christ died for you on Calvary’s tree.  
So if impeachment has you seeing double, you feel down and out, or just in trouble.
Call upon Jesus, He is quick to hear.  
Merry Christmas to All!!!
Be of Good Cheer! 



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