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Michigan Trump Supporters Rally Against Impeachment In Bloomfield Hills


Trump supporters gathered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan today to “end the madness” of the Democrats’ impeachment attempt against him.

The crowd totaled over 70 who showed up despite the cold weather to wave huge Trump 2020 flags and stand against impeachment.

Marian Sheridan organized the anti-impeachment event and said that they “know when they are being scammed.” 

She added,

“We feel like we’re being ignored. Nancy Pelosi promised bipartisanship and here we are with no government support. The swamp dwellers have crept to a new low with an impeachment process that could have been done to any sitting president. Obama could have been impeached on Benghazi or IRS targeting certain groups.”

Take a look:

This wasn't the only scene of Trump support in Michigan today.

Protestors also gathered at a townhall where Rep. Elissa Slotkin - a Democrat who just announced her plans to vote for Trump impeachment during the House vote - was speaking, where they nearly booed her off the stage with their protests!


The Detroit News has more to say on the rally that went on in support of President Trump amid the impeachment attempt in Bloomfield Hills:

Signs praising the president lined up on Woodward Avenue Saturday as supporters of Donald Trump rallied to "end the madness" of his impeachment inquiry.

Flags as big as 16-feet-long reading "Trump 2020" waved above more than 70 Oakland County residents who braved the cold to show their stance after the House Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment.

Marian Sheridan, co-founder of Michigan Trump Republicans, organized the rally because Michigan will be a key state in 2020 and voters "know when they are being scammed," she said.

"We feel like we're being ignored," she said. "(House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi promised bipartisanship and here we are with no government support. The swamp dwellers have crept to a new low with an impeachment process that could have been done to any sitting president. Obama could have been impeached on Benghazi or IRS targeting certain groups."

Sheridan said Republicans in their county don't believe the allegations against Trump.

"(Democrats) hope to win by smearing his name, (and) we felt now was the time to end the madness," Sheridan said. "This is just an abuse of power by Congress."

Christian Slater, a spokesman for the Michigan Democratic Party, said Saturday that "Michigan voters know the truth."

"Donald Trump abused the power of his office and put his political and personal interests ahead of our national security by pressuring a foreign power to interfere in our election," he said in an emailed statement. "Between his abuses of power on the international stage and his broken promises at home on health care, clean water, and the economy, Michigan's working families know they can't afford four more years of Donald Trump."

The anti-impeachment group lined up in front of the Oakland County Republican Party’s office Saturday with signs reading "Detention centers do not have firing squads," "Impeach Congress," and "UAW for Trump."

Many took pictures in their red hats and Christmas-themed outfits and on the Trump Unity Bridge, a 2004 Yukon XL with an attached motorcycle trailer towing “Trump” in large white letters.

Behind the wheel is Rob Cortis, a Livonia retiree who previously worked in catering before taking the bridge coast-to-coast since October 2016. The Unity Bridge is 50 feet long and more than 13 feet tall with white block letters and a human-sized Statue of Liberty tailgating the back.

"We've put 250,000 miles on that car and every time we break down, people come out to help me fix it and that's attributable to Trump's supporters," Cortis said. "I think the support is growing. We've seen a lot less verbal abuse. This past year is almost non-existent. People are feeling more empowered to wear their MAGA hats too."

Cortis said they are rallying for a wall "that must be built."

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The Daily Caller also had the following to say about the protests against impeachment at a Michigan town hall:

A group of President Donald Trump supporters on Monday showed up to Michigan Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s town hall to protest her decision to vote in favor of impeachment.


Slotkin, who was undecided on impeachment until Monday, after taking the weekend to make up her mind on how she would vote, said she has came to the conclusion that she will vote to impeach Trump after reviewing the two articles of impeachment passed by the House Judiciary Committee.

Democrats in the House of Representatives are poised to impeach President Trump but not all members are on board, as there are lawmakers in question. 


The Daily Caller contacted the offices of all 31 House Democrats from districts that Trump won in 2016 to ask them if they would vote to impeach President Trump, as many have not publicly stated where they stand on impeachment. Each office was contacted at least three times and all offices were given ample time to respond. Slotkin’s office was one of many who did not respond to multiple inquires.


This comes as a group of House Democrats are reportedly considering censuring the president instead of impeaching him. 


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