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Whoopi Goldberg Suggests The Right To Impeach Trump Drives U.S. Soldiers To Keep Fighting


Whoopi Goldberg has made some questionable statements in the past, but what she claimed on Tuesday’s episode of The View really takes the cake.

The subject of discussion was impeachment of President Trump.

Meghan McCain called impeachment “America’s funeral, sending Goldberg into a monologue about how impeachment of President Trump would not be a “not a funeral” but rather “celebrating our rights as Americans” as laid forth by the Constitution.

Then, she got right into it, implying that impeaching President Trump is the reason why our nation’s troops fight for America!

“This is our right. That’s why your dad fought. That’s  why your brothers fight. That’s why my father and grandfather fought and  my mom and everybody else. That’s why they fought. They fought for our right to say, ‘You can’t do it this way.’ We have a whole list of stuff that you’re supposed to follow.”

However, after Goldberg's mention of the articles of impeachment Democrats have charged Trump with sent The View audience into applause, Goldberg switched gears, calling it "not good."

Watch the clip here:

The Daily Beasthad the following to say about Whoopi's view on Trump impeachment:

Whoopi Goldberg returned to The View after a week off on Tuesday wearing one of her signature Christmas sweaters. Meghan McCain was quick to say she’d rather plug her co-host’s product than talk about “America’s funeral.” 

“No,  this is not a funeral,” Goldberg told her. “Listen, you have to go  pretty hard to destroy us. There are too many people who fought too hard  for too long to let that happen, and that's why we are celebrating the  Constitution. We are celebrating our rights as Americans to say  something's wrong.” 

In a personal note to both McCain and Abby  Huntsman, she added, “That's why your dad fought, that's why your  brothers fight. That's why my father and grandfather fought and my mom  and everybody else. That's why they fought. They fought for our right to  say you can't do it this way.” 

Of course, they were talking about the big news that House Democrats had officially filed articles of impeachment against “you-know-who,” as Goldberg put it.  

New York Daily Newsalso said:

Tuesday’s  episode of the long-running gabfest included Meghan McCain — no fan of  Trump — bemoaning the impeachment by referring to it as “America’s  funeral.”


But Goldberg didn’t want to hear it.


“No,  this is not a funeral,” she snapped. “Listen, you have to go pretty  hard to destroy us. There are too many people who fought too hard for  too long to let that happen, and that’s why we are celebrating the  Constitution.”


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