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STAY CLASSY: Alyssa Milano In Foul Mouth Rant Says Congress Must “Impeach the Mother****er”


Stay classy Alyssa!

Someone find Tony Danza so he can wash this girl’s mouth out with soap.

Because channelling her inner Tlaib she just made a video where she says Congress must “impeach the mother****er”.

So nice Alyssa.  

The NASA shirt was a nice touch (for anyone who understands their signs and symbols).  


Here's more on the story, from Breitbart:

Left-wing actress Alyssa Milano attacked “joke as a person” President Donald Trump in a five-minute-long, rambling video rant about impeachment.

In a video Milano says over and over that Trump “committed impeachable offenses.” The left-wing activist scorns President Trump for violating the framer’s will, and “international order,” while concluding that we have to “impeach the motherfucker.”

Milano starts her video off noting that while overseas at the NATO summit, world leaders were heard mocking Trump.

The actress then insists that America’s founders “foresaw” a president like Trump and gave Congress the power to “stop this from happening.”

“The effects of the president’s corruption and the actions — or inactions — of this congress will ripple across the world and throughout history. We have to remember that,” Milano exclaimed. “It’s not just about our country, it’s not just about today.”

Milano went on rambling:

We saw today that there were Constitutional scholars and they testified before congress about the historical context of impeachment, of what the framers intended. And really of what previous impeachments can tell us about the situation in which we are in right now. And so, it’s crazy because three out of four of them could not have been clearer. History demands the impeachment of Donald Trump. I mean they said it. The framers saw a future where a president could harm the order of the world and the security of the nation. And they trusted congress to act in our best interest.

The Netflix star then attacked the Republican Party, claiming that it’s members have admitted that Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses but they’ve ignored all that only to attack the “process” the Democrats have implemented to remove Trump.

“The full scope of harm,” Milano claims “is clear.” Trump is guilty of “abuse of power, bribery, obstruction of justice, obstruction of congress, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty.”

She ends her disjointed rant saying, “There’s no other choice… they have to impeach the motherfucker. Sorry, not sorry.”

It reminded many people of Tlaib's similar vulgar rant:

Flashback to this gem:

And this:

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