Barbra Streisand Plays Legal Scholar on Twitter, Gives Multiple Reasons To Impeach Trump

Barbra Streisand Plays Legal Scholar on Twitter, Gives Multiple Reasons To Impeach Trump

Babs….don’t quit your day job.

Actually, maybe quit that too, I’ve never been a fan.  

But I’m definitely not a fan of her legal analysis.

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Hey, perhaps Adam Schift can call her as a witness next week and log her opinion in the official congressional record! 😆

Here they are all together:

Trump must be impeached: 

1. Trump bribed and extorted the Ukraine with taxpayer money to investigate a political rival for personal gain.

2. Trump believes he is above the law. He thinks presidents can do anything. 

3. Trump threatened a witness, a career diplomat, during the impeachment inquiry.

4. Trump clearly lied and obstructed justice in the Mueller investigation.

5. Trump dismisses intelligence briefings about Russia's role in undermining our democracy, and repeats Kremlin disinformation on Ukraine.

6. Trump is personally profiting from the presidency, violating the emoluments clause. He charges our government to stay at his resorts.

Some replies supported Babs, others did not. 

These were some of my favorites:

Then there was this, which I can only assume means Jan is a far-left lib and her husband loves America and they are being driven apart:

Wise up Jan!

Vote Trump!

He's making  America great for everyone, even you and Babs!

And my favorite:

Proudly Support Trump!

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