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Not Presidential: Joe Biden Goes On Incoherent Rant About His Leg Hairs and Children and Roaches


I don’t even know what to make of it.

I’ve watched this clip probably 20 times thinking if I just watch it again it will start to make sense.

That somehow I will eventually start to understand what he is saying.

But it’s no use.  

No, this is weird, creepy, incoherent….definitely not presidential.  

And beyond being all of those things, it demonstrates a lack of mental fitness that is needed for the highest job in the land.

Do you want this guy as your president?

As the Commander in Chief?

As the man with the nuclear codes?

Seriously folks, I don’t want to hype this up so let me end my comments here and just let you watch yourself.

I honestly at first thought this had to be a joke or fake or a bad lip syncing video, but sadly it’s not.

Watch for yourself:

Let's just examine a few of the key phrases:

“The kids used to come up and rub my legs. And then jump on my lap. I loved the kids jumping on my lap.”


The guy who has been plagued by inappropriately touching children thinks it's ok to say this?

Then he somehow moves from kids in his lap to roaches:

"So I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap and I've loved kids jumping on my lap."

Say what Joe?



Even Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had to comment:

For context (as if that would help) here is the full speech:

Nevermind, apparently it only got worse in the longer clip:

Even "Hillary Fan" didn't know what the F was going on:

Full clip, not doctored:

Vote for SANITY, vote Trump!

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