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Giuliani: “The Mafia Couldn’t Kill Me…Not Worried About The Swamp Press”


Trump lawyer and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani has a message for The Swamp: I’m not scared of you!

That’s essentially what Giuliani has been vocalizing amid an investigation into allegations that he failed to register as a foreign agent and expected to profit off of a proposed Ukraine pipeline project.

When asked by Fox News’ Ed Henry whether he was afraid he could be indicted, Giuliani did not cower,

“Do you think I’m afraid? Do you think I get afraid? I did the right thing. I represented my client in a very, very effective way. I was so effective that I’ve discovered a pattern of corruption that the Washington press has been covering up for three or four years.”

Speaking on the Bidens’ potential corruption in the Ukraine, Giuiliani held his resilience, making it clear that he is not going to be taken out,

“I expected, the moment I heard Biden’s name, I told my colleagues, they’re going to try to kill me. Because they’re going to kill the messenger. But damn it, the mafia couldn’t kill me, your colleagues are not going to kill me.”

Watch the epic moment from Giuliani on Fox News here:

Giuliani reiterated his resolve on Twitter following his appearance on Fox News:


Fox News has more to say about Giuliani's message to The Swamp:

Giuliani also denied a recent Wall Street Journal report stating that he would personally profit from a natural gas pipeline in Ukraine was false and that he was "not going to financially profit from anything that [he] knows of in the Ukraine."

"I can't keep up from the amount of false information printed about me," he exclaimed.

"Are you afraid, Mr. Mayor, that you could be indicted?" asked Henry.

"You think I'm afraid?" Giuliani shot back. "I did the right thing."

He said that he has absolutely no "business interest" in Ukraine, and that it was Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who had first brought him up in his July phone call with President Trump because of his "reputation."

Giuliani said that he wanted to "exculpate" his client.

"This is ridiculous. [The President] know what I did was order to defend the president -- not to dig up dirt on Biden. This goes back a year ago before Biden [had] even decided to run for president," he said.

"My thought when I began investigating this was to get evidence that will help my client prove that the charges against him aren't true," Giuliani said.

He predicted that "they're ultimately going to prove" that this was a conspiracy to frame the president in which high-level Democrats and White House staff participated.

The Washington Examiner also said:

Federal prosecutors are investigating whether the former New York City mayor failed to register as a foreign agent and if he expected to personally profit from a proposed pipeline project in Ukraine


“Oh wow,” Giuliani said Saturday when asked by Fox News if he was afraid that could be indicted. “You think I’m afraid? You think I get afraid?” 


Giuliani then accused the media of covering up the wrongdoing he alleges Biden committed. 


“The reality is I’m embarrassed for you because you didn’t do your job,” he said. 


“The moment I heard Biden’s name, I told my colleagues they’re going to try to kill me because they’re going to kill the messenger. But dammit, the mafia couldn’t kill me. Your colleagues are not going to kill me,” Giuliani said. 


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