Frustrated Joe Biden Tells Protestor At His Rally: "You Should Vote For Trump"

Frustrated Joe Biden Tells Protestor At His Rally: “You Should Vote For Trump”

No, this is not satire.

No, it’s not The Onion.

And no, it’s not taken out of context.

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A clearly frurstrated and dismissive Joe Biden was recorded at his rally telling a protestor that “you should vote for Trump”.

Talk about a soundbite the Trump campaign might enjoy!

Watch it here:

The exchange was actually very interesting.

It shows Biden didn't even really know what he was talking about, because the man was protesting Obama-era deportations and wants "no more deportations" of any kind.

So Joe's comment actually makes no sense, althought it's still a great soundbite.

But let me ask you a question....can you ever imagine this happening at a Trump rally?

Can you ever imagine Donald Trump losing control like Joe did?

Both control of his temper and control of the room?

Nope, and that's why he's the Commander in Chief and Joe will never be!

Proudly Support Trump!

The exact same hat our President wears!

Only while they last....

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