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Bette Midler Disrespects “Linseedy” Graham In New Poem Posted To Twitter



The infamous “Twitter Poet” Bette Midler is back at it.

Once known for musical talent, Midler seems more intent these days on writing horrible limericks on Twitter attacking Trump and Trump supporters.

Are these limericks?

I don’t really know.

But I know they are a disgrace.  

Here is her latest poem about “Linseedy Gram”:

What a genius talent we have on our hands folks!


Hey Bette, don't quite your day job!

The responses were not kind to Midler on Twitter, here are some that I liked:

Of course this isn't the first time Midler has took to Twitter in poetic form.

A few months ago she posted this VILE poem attacking Melania Trump:

And in case you can't read that, here you go:

A poem from Melania:

Each day I'm filled with the hope
That #Donald won't be such a Dope
So I get on my knees
And say vip it out plise
As I reach for my new microscope.

Oh my!

Bette, what is that, is that a Limerick? 

Did you write a Limerick for Donald Trump?

Does it qualify as a Haiku?

Let's see, 5-7-5....?  Nope, not a Haiku.  

Can you write a Haiku for us tomorrow?  You seem to have a lot of free time.  

Bette was immediately called out in the replies:


But what I REALLY enjoyed were the people who submitted Limericks back to Bette.

Some were genius, some were so bad they were hilarious, but all were classic!

Like this:


Nice work Sam!

Or this one from Vinny:

Need to work on the pacing there Vinny, but bonus points for working in "wind beneath my wing".  Nice work!

And then this from Aug1405:

Aug didn't really capture the essence of a Limerick, but personally the abrupt ending and finger point emoji sealed the deal for me, and this is in my Top 3 favorites.

Well done Auggie!

NCGiGi chimed in with this:

GiGi, the payoff is supposed to be in Line 5, so you gotta tighten it up a bit, but overall a very solid effort!

Then we have NavyCombatCorpsman with this submission:


I'm surprised it took us this long to run into a Midler/Fiddler rhyme, but here we finally have it.  

A little obvious NCC, but decent job!

CabinetDoorGirl posted this:

I think Riddler/Midler is a better rhyme, so I like it right out of the gate.  

I also like the complete disregard for proper formatting, just going right for the content!

And definitely one of my favorite punchlines at the end.  Midler's career --> 💩

Richard put pen to paper with this gem:

Now I must have missed this, but I was not aware that Bette was acquainted with "Geraldo's Schlong". 

Quality work "Richard".  

See notes above on Line 5, tighten up your form.  

This next submission from Snowstorm:

I like how he prefaces this with "A Poem for Butte Mudler", that's a nice touch!

Bonus points for hag, douchebag, and then tying it up with Butteugly!

Let me just end by saying clearly the "Deplorables" are the funniest and cleverest damn bastards out there!  

You all make me very proud! 😁😁😁

If YOU would like to submit your own Limerick, please post below or email to me!

Please tell us what YOU think of Bette:


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