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White House Petition To Impeach Nancy Pelosi For Treason Surpasses Quarter-Million Signatures


A petition originally started by Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia to impeach Nancy Pelosi for treason has not only surpassed its goal of 100K signatures in order to get attention from the White House, but just surged right past the quarter-million mark!

The American people have spoken, and they are NOT on board with the impeachment inquiry launched by Nancy Pelosi and House Dems.

Check it out:


The petition on the White House website says:

Nancy Pelosi is a TRAITOR to the American People!
The Constitution defines, "Treason against the US..  ..adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." Illegal aliens are enemies that invade our country with drugs, human trafficking, and terrorist causing death and crime to American citizens. Nancy Pelosi adheres to these enemies by voting for and providing them aid and comfort through Sanctuary policies funded by US citizen tax dollars, and refuses to protect American people by refusing to fund our border wall, leaving our borders open and unsafe. Pelosi refused to meet with Angel families, caused the government shut down then traveled on US dollars to Hawaii and Puerto Rico while 800,000 Fed workers don't get paid, and uninvited Trump for SOTU. IMPEACH Pelosi for treason!



Wayne Dupree said the following about the petition and the overwhelming support it has gotten:

Did you know there was a White House petition to impeach Nancy Pelosi for treason?

I had no idea until I stumbled upon it here.

I am late to the party though because it already has a whopping 271,666 signatures (at the time of his publishing).

The petition was started by a woman in Georgia named Marjorie Taylor Greene in an effort to hold Pelosi responsible for “treason against the United States” in the way of giving aid and comfort to our enemies (criminal illegals).

Ms. Greene is right. Illegal aliens are enemies that invade our country  – many bring with them drugs and guns, while others are gang bangers, human traffickers, and terrorists hell-bent on plaguing our nation with death and crime.

Nancy Pelosi supports these American enemies by providing them aid and comfort, and funding sanctuary policies with U.S. tax dollars, not to mention, she refuses to protect the American people by funding our border wall, leaving us vulnerable to so much danger.

But that’s not all…

Now, as we see what Pelosi and Adam Schiff are doing with their impeachment coup, it’s even more imperative to hold the rogue Speaker accountable, even if it’s symbolic in mature.

Neon Nettlealso commented:

A petition hosted on the official White House website, to "Impeach Nancy Pelosi for crimes of Treason," has gone viral, gathering over a quarter-million signatures so far.

The “We the People” petition calls on Congress to “IMPEACH Pelosi” and accuses the Democratic House speaker of being "a TRAITOR to the American People."At the time of press, the petition has received more than 260,000 signatures from people supporting the campaign to impeach Pelosi.

Created January 18, 2019, on the “We the People” website, the petition has now far exceeded the minimum of 100,000 required to warrant an official response.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Georgia woman who created the petition, personally delivered a copy of the petition to Nancy Pelosi’s House office earlier this year.

Greene is continuing to encourage patriotic Americans to sign the petition, which has been given a boost by President Donald Trump’s recent calls for impeaching Pelosi’s over her handling of the Democrats' impeachment inquiry against him.

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