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New Fox News Poll Has Biden Up 12 Points on President Trump


Fake news?

A new Fox News poll has a stunning result, pitting Joe Biden as the 12 point winner against President Trump as it stands today.


I mean, that’s almost all I can say…..really?

Is Joe Biden filling 30,000 seat stadiums across the country?

I guess I must have missed those.

No, I think that was the one-and-only Donald J. Trump, if I’m not mistaken!

Yet, here are the results of the new Fox News poll:


How does that strike you?

Am I the only person calling BS?

Folks, I just have one thing to say.....remember the polls on the MORNING OF the election in 2016.

Remember how they said Hillary had a 92% chance of winning!

That's all you need to know to know how much BUNK these things are!


As I say over and over and over, don't trust the lying polls.....

Trust your EYES!

That's why President Trump puts on these MAGA rallies all over the country.

It's because he's fighting Fake News, Fake Polls and even possibly Fake voting machines!

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He knows he needs to put on a public display of MASSIVE support so that the election is not stolen by FAKE!

So trust your eyes.

Trust your senses.

Trust what you can see for yourself, not what someone is trying to force down your throat!

President Trump himself called out the BS:

Here's more on the poll from Fox News (if you want to know):

Democratic primary voters increasingly feel the need to nominate a candidate who can beat President Trump in 2020, and more think Joe Biden can do that than any of the other top Democratic hopefuls. In addition, while most Democratic primary voters are satisfied with their field, more than a quarter wish they had other options, according to a new Fox News Poll.

Biden leads the nomination race with the backing of 31 percent of Democratic primary voters, followed by Elizabeth Warren at 21 percent, Bernie Sanders at 19 percent, and Pete Buttigieg at 7 percent. In early October, Biden was at 32 percent, Warren 22, Sanders 17, and Buttigieg 4.

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Kamala Harris and Andrew Yang receive 3 percent apiece, followed by Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, and Amy Klobuchar each at 2 percent, and Tom Steyer at 1 percent.

Compared to March, the first Fox News Poll on the race, Biden’s support is unchanged, while Warren has gained 17 points, Buttigieg is up 6 and Sanders is down 4.


Biden is helped by a large majority of Democratic primary voters (80 percent) saying it is extremely important their nominee can beat Trump -- and more (68 percent) think he can do that than feel that way about Warren (57 percent), Sanders (54 percent), or Buttigieg (30 percent).

Far fewer, 42 percent, feel it is extremely important their candidate shares their views on major issues. However, more Democratic primary voters also say Biden shares their views (72 percent) than say the same of Sanders (68 percent), Warren (62 percent), or Buttigieg (43 percent).

Since May, the number of Democratic primary voters saying it is extremely important their nominee can defeat Trump has gone up 7 points (from 73 to 80 percent), and the portion saying it is extremely important their candidate shares their views has dropped 9 (51 vs 42 percent).

The poll, released Sunday, finds that despite having umpteen candidates to choose from, more than one in four Democratic primary voters wish they had other options (28 percent). That includes 26 percent of Biden supporters and 27 percent of Warren supporters.

Seventy-eight percent of GOP primary voters want to keep Trump as their nominee, while 69 percent of Democratic primary voters are satisfied with their field.

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“If Hillary Clinton were to enter the race, she’d likely do so near the top of the pack,” says Democratic pollster Chris Anderson, who conducts the Fox News Poll with Republican Daron Shaw. "And Michelle Obama could probably clear the field.”

Twenty-seven percent of Democratic primary voters would definitely vote for Clinton, including one-third of those backing Biden and one-quarter supporting Warren.

The numbers are rosier for former first lady Michelle Obama: 50 percent would definitely vote for her, including nearly 5 in 10 of Biden’s and 4 in 10 of Warren’s supporters.

Few, 6 percent, would definitely back former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Thirty-two percent would never vote for Bloomberg, 30 percent Clinton, and 8 percent Obama.

Let's take a REAL poll:

How about we take a real poll?

A fair one.

One with no bias.

Please vote in OUR poll and lets just see how this turns out, shall we?


And please SHARE this article so more people will vote in our poll.

Would love to get 50,000 responses for a big sample size!

Thank you! 🔥🔥🔥


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