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Famed Medical Examiner Michael Baden Tells Fox News Epstein’s Death Was a Homicide


Did you think we forgot about Jeffrey Epstein?

The so-called “Mainstream Media” might have, but we didn’t.

And it looks like neither did Fox News because an explosive interview this morning with famed former NYC chief medical examiner Michael Baden was a bombshell.

Baden went on Fox News and told the panel what many of us already suspected:  the evidence does not in any way support a conclusion of suicide; rather, the only conclusion you can fairly draw is that it was a homicide.

Yes folks, this guy is the real deal and yes, he said it live on Fox News.

I’ve got the full interview segment for you right here so you can watch for yourself:


The NY Post had more information:

New York City’s former chief medical examiner insisted Wednesday that Jeffrey Epstein’s death was a homicide.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden was hired by the pedophile’s brother, Mark Epstein, to observe his autopsy after he was found hanged in his Manhattan lockup in August.

“I think that the evidence points toward homicide rather than suicide,” Baden insisted on Fox News Wednesday.

“The brother is concerned that if [Epstein] was murdered, then other people who have information might be at risk,” Baden insisted, suggesting powerful players may have been involved in the death.

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“If they think he has information, his life could be in jeopardy.”

Baden said there were signs of “unusual” activity “from day one” of the autopsy, saying the wounds were “more consistent with ligature homicidal strangulation.”

Baden noted two fractures on either side of Epstein’s larynx, and one on the hyoid bone, above the moneyman’s Adam’s apple.

“Hanging does not cause these broken bones and homicide does,” he insisted on Fox. “A huge amount of pressure was applied.”

Baden also called for federal prosecutors to release the findings from DNA samples.

“They took fingernail clippings to see if there’s anybody else’s DNA on it and that hasn’t been released, neither has information about whose DNA is on the ligature out of torn strips of orange sheets,” he said.

“Whoever made it has to have a lot of DNA on it and the brother has been asking for that from day one.”

He also questioned the supposed “total breakdown in security,” with the “extremely unlikely” coincidences of two guards falling asleep while video cameras in Epstein’s cell and hallway were also not working.

“Occasionally a guard falls asleep — never two guards at the same time,” he said on Fox.

“The issue would be, did somebody come in and cause his death?”

There would be no shortage of people keen to kill the pedophile, the pathologist admitted.

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“There were 800 other people in the correctional facility and most of them would have liked to have gotten their hands on him,” he said, both because of the sex crimes and the chance to “make a name for themselves.”

However, he stressed, “A number of people had to be involved if this was a homicide.”

“It’s 80 days now and the brother feels he is getting a runaround,” Baden said.

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