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Tom Arnold to Diamond and Silk: “Get Your Big Booty Butts Into My Hot Tub” and Bring Popeyes Chicken!


Oh my goodness….how offensive can one person be?

Tom Arnold went on a Twitter spree against Diamond & Silk that many are calling sexual harassment, online harassment, bullying and racist….among other comments!

Of course I’m sure it will all be just fine since Tom is part of the far-left.  

If a conservative had said 1/10 of what Arnold said, they’d surely be crucified by now.  

Probably literally.  

Look at how horrible this is and how fast it goes downhill…

It starts off with Diamond & Silk saying Arnold should be investigated.

And they’re right!

And then Arnold replied with this filth:


Diamond and Silk rightly asked if this was sexual harassment and predatory behavior (it is):

Others called out Arnold's tweet as beyond creepy and inappropriate:


As if that weren't bad enough, then it really went downhill.

Things got real racist, real fast:

That also was not well received, and many pointed out Arnold had gone full-blown racist:

Breitbart had more on the story:

Actor and far-left activist Tom Arnold has been accused of sexually harassing the pro-Trump social media stars Diamond and Silk, declaring his desire to “investigate every crack curve and crevice” of their intimate body parts in an unhinged tweet.

“I’d like to investigate every crack curve and crevice of you two tons of fun’ss heavenly bodies,” Arnold said responding to a tweet from the two women calling for his and Barbra Streisand to be “put under investigation” by authorities. “I’ll start with an intensive examination of your naughty bits. So take off all [your] clothes [and] get back your big booties buts back into Big Daddy’s hot tub. Don’t bring Streisand. Too freaky.”

“Is this tweet considered online sexual harassment or predatory behavior?” the pair complained. “Where is the #MeToo movement. Tom Arnold, you may not have respect for yourself but you don’t get to disrespect Diamond and Silk!”

It is not the first time that Arnold has shared his sexual fantasies about political figures. In July, he professed his infatuation with Rep. Ilhan Omar (R-MN), describing her as “beautiful, smart [and] brave.”

“If I’m lucky we’ll fall in love,” he wrote at the time.

In August, the 60-year-old actor also fantasized about standing over the dead body of President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

“Looking forward to the day I’m standing over him wearing my bullet belt & safari khakis, my cartoon sized Daniel Boone buck knife in one hand his his [sic] teeny tiny tail in the other,” Arnold wrote in response to a photo of Don Jr. on a hunting expedition.

Last year, Arnold was interviewed by U.S. Secret Service agents visited him at his home to warn him that his tweets could incite violence against high-ranking politicians or even the president himself.

“Thank you US Secret Service for risking your lives keeping democracy safe,” Arnold said in a statement following the visit. “I appreciate you coming to my home on what must’ve been a busy day. I heard your message loud & clear. Words matter. Tone matters. Words can incite violence. Be responsible.”

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