President Trump Outraises All Democrat Candidates In Q3....In California

President Trump Outraises All Democrat Candidates In Q3….In California

What is the bluest of the blue liberal bastians in the United States?

Almost certainly California, home to gems like San Fransisco and drugs and needles on the street and massive homelessness.  

But no plastic straws!  Whew!

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So this far-left state would almost certainly be donating big time to the Democrats, and not to Trump, right?

Never to Trump….right?



Trump just steamrolled them all!

Here's more, from the LA Times:

No 2020 candidate raised more in California over the last three months than President Trump. He pulled in nearly $10.8 million from donors of $200 or more disclosed in campaign filings this week.

California Sen. Kamala Harris continues to be the most successful Democratic fundraiser in the Golden State, narrowly trailed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and other contenders for the nomination.

Trump gains steam

Trump outpaced his competition for financial support in California thanks in part to a fundraising blitz with stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

That included a stop at the mansion of Geoffrey Palmer, a controversial real estate developer who has been one of the president's most generous supporters.

Note: A small number of contributions without a date disclosed have been excluded.

Where the cash comes from

Trump's support comes primarily from Southern California but is spread across the state, and includes donations of more than $200 from both rural and urban areas.

Harris' lead among Democrats is thanks in part to early backing from wealthy donors in Hollywood and the Bay Area, many of whom supported her earlier bids for local and state office. A reception at the Pacific Palisades home of filmmaker J.J. Abrams drew television producer Shonda Rhimes, actress Elizabeth Banks and music giant Quincy Jones.

You gotta laugh at some of the lefties reacting to the news:

Proudly Support Trump!

The exact same hat our President wears!

Only while they last....

Check availability here.


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