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MN Democrat Rep. Aisha Gomez Allegedly Spotted Protesting Trump Rally Alongside Antifa


A Democrat congresswoman from Minnesota seems to have been caught protesting Trump’s Minneapolis rally with ANTIFA Thursday.

Democrat Rep. Aisha Gomez was seen among the far-left protestors that harrassed Trump supporters as they left the Minneapolis rally, wearing black, and at one point admitting to “having fun” at the protest.

Videos posted onto Twitter seem to prove that Gomez, was in fact, at the Antifa protest:

And on Facebook:

Said Antifa protest got out-of-hand Thursday night.

Check out these videos from conservative journalist Andy Ngo who himself was brutally assaulted by Antifa in Portland a few monthas ago of the mayhem the leftists caused outside the Trump rally:

Here's another clip from the Antifa protest:

And this photo of a protestor allegedly disrespecting police:

Rep. Gomez had posted the following to Twitter the night of the MN Trump rally apparently bragging about making it easier for the far-left protestors to continue their intimidation tactics against Trump supporters, but her Twitter account posts have sinced been turned to private:

I am on 6th and Hennepin. I just received a call from Mayor @Jacob_Frey that he spoke with the Chief and honored my request that they not use anymore chemical irritants on the crowd.

Video from before the line of police fell back approx. 5 minutes ago.


Townhall had the following to say about Gomez's apparent participation in the Antifa protest:

Democrat member of the Minnesota House of Representatives Aisha Gomez was caught on video Thursday night engaged in protests with the violent leftist group Antifa. After President Trump finished his rally in Minneapolis, members of the group assaulted Trump supporters and burned "Make America Great Again" hats. 

MN House of Rep. Aisha Gomez (DFL) Protesting with ANTIFA at Trump Rally #TCNT @RepAishaGomez

— Jon “Candy Corn” Justice (@JonJustice) October 11, 2019

"Rep. Aisha Gomez (DFL) of the Minnesota House of Representatives is caught on video protesting with ANTIFA in the streets outside Target Center during President Donald Trump's visit to MN. Andy Mannix @AndrewMannix reports for @startribune on federal courts, and law enforcement. Andy Mannix captured on video Antifa protestors outside the Target Center, yelling profanities, beating on random cars driving by, verbally assaulting rally attendees," Twin Cities Talk Radio host Jon Justice wroteabout the situation. "4:00 mins into the below video Rep. Gomez dressed in all block is seen participating in intimidating people as they leave the rally, clad in all black."

Powerline Blog gave some thoughts on the situation:

They spat on peaceful Trump supporters. They assaulted an uncounted number of normal citizens leaving the Target Center. They struck a woman across the head with a piece of lumber. They waved a sign that said, “Blue Lives Don’t [email protected]$king Matter.” The Minneapolis Chief of Police reported, “Objects containing liquid believed to be urine were hurled at some of my officers along with bottles and rocks. Police horses were also assaulted by protesters striking them with sticks.”

These leftists are identical to the Nazi Brownshirts of the 1930s. But make no mistake–they represent today’s Democratic Party. A sitting Democratic State Representative, Aisha Gomez (DFL-Minneapolis), was seen among the fascists, dressed in black like an Antifa hoodlum. And Minneapolis’s boy Mayor, Jacob Frey, who expressed regret that he could not legally prevent President Trump from visiting Minneapolis, and then tried to do it anyway, issued an order to the Minneapolis Police Department not to use chemical irritants on the mob of criminal Democrats. [UPDATE: We have a disagreement between Boy Mayor Frey and the mob: Frey denies issuing such an order, putting him at odds with fellow Democrat Gomez.] And not a single local Democrat has condemned the violence and disorder that took place last night.

The Star Tribune gave further details about what went on with the protestors outside the Trump rally:

A protest around Donald Trump’s Minneapolis campaign rally escalated Thursday night from peaceful chants and sign-waving to an impasse with police on the rainy downtown streets.


As the president finished his event at Target Center, some outside began blocking cars of attendees trying to leave, calling the drivers racists and throwing plastic bottles and traffic cones at their vehicles. A group burned a pile of the president’s merchandise, including the signature red “Make America Great Again” hats. Trump supporters flipped them the middle finger as they sped by. Minneapolis police arrested one person as of 11 p.m. Thursday, according to a Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.


Though most in the protests remained peaceful, the disrupters prompted police on horseback and bicycles to form protective lines around the agitated crowd, spraying some with chemical irritant. Many in the crowd stood their ground, shouting “Whose streets? Our streets!” as the police blocked off major downtown roads.


Trump’s event drew thousands to the heart of Minneapolis on Thursday evening, from die-hard fans trying to catch a glimpse of the president to opponents calling for his prompt removal from office. Early in the night, the groups were split into two areas of downtown to prevent clashes before the event, a chain-link fence cordoning off several downtown blocks. Trump protesters spanning many generations filled the streets, some chanting “Lock him up!” and “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” Early in the night, a few skirmishes broke out between protesters and Trump supporters, and police detained a few members of the pro-Trump group the Oath Keepers after they were reported to be carrying guns at their hotel, but they were searched and released.


Sara Witta, 50, of Edina, who runs a small graphic design company, was there with her husband, Jay, and her mother, 75-year-old Bonnie Safe, as the three prepared to enter Target Center to support Trump.


“There’s a swamp and it needs to be drained,” she said. “He’s disrupting what’s going on, the status quo, and they will do everything to get him out of the way.”


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