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Harry Reid: “Trump Is Basically A Very, Very Smart Man, No Matter What The Subject”


Anytime I hear “Harry Reid” I’m immeidately reminded about one of my favorite Dennis Miller jokes.

Miller says, “Harry Reid?  That’s not a name, that’s a medical condition!”

So funny.

But old Harry Reid actually made a very salient and truthful point while he was talking with David Axelrod on his podcast the “Axe” Files.  

In the interview, former Sen. Harry Reid made the startling admission that he initially underestimated Trump in the past, thinking he wasn’t too smart.  But now he’s learned the truth.

I used to think that Donald Trump was not too smart. I certainly don’t believe that anymore. No matter what the subject, any argument he involves himself in, it’s on his terms.

Then he dropped the big bomb:

Anyone that thinks Trump’s going to be beaten easily should have another think coming.

A Democrat, Harry Reid retired after serving as a United States Senator from Nevada from 1987 to 2017.

Watch the short segment right here for yourself:


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Hey "Harry Reed" you're a little late to the party on this one but at least you figured it out eventually!

We've all known this for a long time now!

The "Very Stable Genius" is something you all mocked at first....and then he started running laps around you!

I guess that really puts you in a no-win situation....when the guy you all mock as being stupid continually beats you at your own game, you either have to admit he's actually a genius, or you're even dumber than you say he is!

We all know the truth.

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