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Adam Schiff’s Republican Challenger Eric Early Wants To Send Him “Into Retirement”


Republican Eric Early is running against Adam Schiff for 2020 to take his place in Congress.

Early is a proud, Trump-supporting attorney who is fiercely critical of Schiff’s record, which can be described in President Trump’s own words as perfectly matching the “Do-Nothing Democrats!”

Speaking as to why he wants to unseat Schiff, Early stated that he wants to send the “viper into retirement and help give Congress back to the people.”

He went on to criticize “Schifty” Schiff,

“In Schiff’s over 20 years representing the district, his record is appalling. He has done virtually nothing for the district while focusing almost exclusively on staying in power and trying to gain higher office.”


Fox News has more details on why Eric Early is challenging Adam Schiff's position in Congress:

He’s an unabashedly proud, MAGA hat-toting attorney  in the left-leaning throngs of Los Angeles. And he has high hopes of  removing Rep. Adam Schiff from his seat in California’s 28th congressional district in 2020.

Meet  Eric Early, Schiff’s leading Republican challenger, who minces no words  when it comes to his desire to send the longstanding Democratic “viper  into retirement and help give Congress back to the people.”

“Schiff could not care less about our district. He has been a  carpetbagger since day one, having moved here from somewhere else to run  against the then incumbent. In Schiff’s over 20 years representing the  district, his record is appalling,” Early told Fox News. “He has done  virtually nothing for the District while focusing almost exclusively on  staying in power and trying to gain higher office.”

And as  impeachment talks gain momentum in D.C – with Schiff in the limelight as  chairman of the House Intelligence Committee amplifying concerns that  Trump may have violated laws in his talks with Ukrainian President  Volodymyr Zelensky – Early contends that there are questionable Schiff  practices at play. But defeating Schiff in 2020 will be a tall order:  Schiff won his race with nearly 78.4 percent of the vote in 2018.

“I refer to him (Schiff) as a National Disgrace. It is becoming more  and more evident that Schiff and his team likely clandestinely worked  together with a conflicted and tremendously biased deep state Trump  hater to orchestrate this latest outrage to try to destroy a duly  elected American president,” he continued. “That in and of itself should  disqualify Schiff from overseeing the so-called ‘inquiry.’”

Holding  nothing back when it comes to his condemnation and zingers of his  political opponent, Early has also accused Schiff of being something  akin to a media hog, which was illuminated by his involvement in the  two-year-long Russia investigation.

“Schiff appeared on national  news shows over 400 times during that period, repeatedly telling every  American how he had and had seen evidence that made it clear the  president had colluded with the Russians to win the election,” Early  continued. “As the then-ranking member on the House Intelligence  Committee, Schiff made the world believe that his knowledge was based on  among other things, his access to classified information. Now Schiff  never says the word Russia, but his two straight years of lies will  forever be left in the public’s consciousness.”

The California Globe had the following to say about Early's announcement of his bid against Adam Schiff:

From media softballs to false accusations of colleagues, to glomming on to Russian collusion, Republican Eric Early says Rep. Adam Schiff has passed his prime and needs to be ousted.

Conservative Southern California attorney Eric Early recently announced he is running for the U.S. House of Representatives to replace Rep. Adam Schiff. Ironically says Early, Schiff is chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which oversees the nation’s intelligence agencies, “despite being a liar and a leaker.”

“I’ve watched Adam Schiff lie to every one of us for two years about Russian collusion,” Early said. “I’m done watching the ever-evolving disaster that is Adam Schiff.”

The “disaster” he speaks of is Schiff’s mounting rhetoric about collusion and impeachment of the President on MSNBC, NBC, CNN, despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report which did not find any of this.

“I am unabashedly a supporter of President Trump, and have been from day one,” Early said. “He’s doing so much good for the country.”

After the 2018 election, Early said “the swamp won in California again. They may be strong, but the American spirit is unstoppable. This fight for freedom is a fight we can NEVER give up. I’m proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with hardworking, law-abiding, taxpaying Californians from across the state in the battle against the Sacramento swamp. Fight on.”

California Globe asked Early why he decided to take on Schiff. “This is Paradise – why should we leave Paradise?” he said, referring to his home state and the 150,000 Californians leaving the state every year. “That’s why I am staying and fighting. I do believe the worm is going to turn.”

Early, who ran unsuccessfully for California Attorney General in 2018 agreed that so many people are tired of politics. “It’s such a toxic environment, and people are frankly afraid.”

Eric Early lives in California’s 28th congressional district, which Schiff has represented since 2001. “It’s time to call this guy out for his lies, and hold him accountable” Early said. Early said Schiff never focuses on his district, or the endemic issues in Los Angeles, stretching from West Hollywood to the eastern border of Pasadena, and from Echo Park to the Angeles National Forest.

Here's more on Eric Early's platform from his campaign website:

Adam Schiff’s witch-hunt against our President is reprehensible. Schiff continually abuses his power and misleads the American people, wasting tens of millions of our dollars in the process. It’s got to stop. My name is Eric Early – I have led a successful life out of politics, have a great family, love our country and have proudly supported President Trump since day one. I’m sick and tired of being lied to by career politician Schiff as he tries to destroy the President and works to replace our Democracy with Socialism. So I’ve stepped up and am ready for the fight. With your help, we’ll send the viper packing.

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