Heartbreaking: President Trump Says Military Funerals ‘The Hardest Thing I Do As President By Far’


We so often only see the brash, loud version of President Trump in the Media. 

But I have always said this man has a bigger heart than the last 4 presidents combined.

I stand by that.

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And we saw great evidence of it today.

So for everyone who has friends or family who think President Trump is only a bully or only full of himself or only a loudmouth….please show them this.

They need to see this side of President Trump.

Because it’s the side we Deplorables have always seen.

So sad and so heartbreaking but wow, what a speech he gave here for 5 minutes:

Watch here:


Now of course President Trump was speaking on this because of his decision to withdraw our troops from Syria.

GOD BLESS YOU President Trump, that is the right decision!

Get them out of there and bring them home!

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Folks, he promised us during the campaign he would do this and now he is.

Right move. 

Let them blow each other up over there for all I care, get us the hell out!

Thank you Mr. President!

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