Trump Sarcastically "Admonishes" Crowd Member For Starting 'Lock Her Up' Chant - We Love Trump

Trump Sarcastically “Admonishes” Crowd Member For Starting ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant

Oh man, I love my President!

Every day the man gives me a new reason to admire him.

And often he does it with a smile, making the rest of us laugh!

That was certainly the case in his recent speech in Florida about healthcare.

After someone from the audience shouted out “Lock Her Up”, Trump laughed, actually thrown off his rhythm of the speech.

He then took a moment, and said with a smirk:  “You know, the fake news media back there, they’re going to say I’m supposed to admonish you.  So who said that?  Stand up please.  I’m admonishing you!  Never ever say that again….that’s ok.”

So hilarious! 


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