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Omar: Trump Is Terrified of Me Because I’m an Immigrant, Muslim, Woman Refugee


Rep. Ilhan Omar has been embroiled in scandal after scandal ever since she stepped foot into Congress and has earned President Trump’s criticism for multiple anti-American, anti-Semitic sentiments that she has repeatedly expressed – criticism which Omar, instead of taking to heart, now proudly wears as a badge.

In Omar’s world, the reason President Trump has condemned her on many occasions is because he is “terrified.”

Omar believes that because she is “a woman, an immigrant, Muslim, refugee, and Punjabi” – things she claims Trump “despises” – Trump shakes in his boots at the mere mention of her name.

At least, that’s what she told Samantha Bee.

Watch the full interview with Bee Omar gave here:

Ilhan Omar carried on the narrative that Trump is "Islamophobic" in a tweet urging folks to "recognize the Muslim Ban for what it is..."

The "Muslim Ban" Ilhan Omar was referring to was a travel ban Trump issued through executive order to "keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the US," as Trump put it.

But of course, Ms. Omar thinks acts of terrorism against the U.S. are just "some people" doing "something" - nothing more!

This isn't going over well with American people who want to protect their fellow Americans!

Check out these replies:


Fox Newshas more to say about Ilhan Omar's claim that President Trump is "terrified" of her:

She's a woman, she's an immigrant and she's Muslim -- and that "intersectionality" of identities has President Trump "terrified," U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., claimed in a television appearance Wednesday night.

Omar, a member of the "Squad" of far-left congressional Democrats, made the remarks on the late-night comedy show, "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee."

The freshman lawmaker, who came to the U.S. with her family from Somalia when she was a teenager, said she never imagined when she was a child that she would someday be part of an effort to impeach a U.S. president.

"A lot of people think we take joy in impeaching this president because we don't like him," Omar said. "But we take joy in making sure that when we say we're going to protect the rule of law, that the American people know that we are serious about that."

"I, however, am just always so happy when I think that Don Jr. is upset," host Samantha Bee told the congresswoman.

"That does slightly make me happy," Omar jokingly agreed.

While Omar often criticizes the president, she is also a frequent target of Trump's as well..

Daily Mailalso said:

Ilhan Omar bragged that President Trump is 'terrified' of her and that she lives 'rent-free' inside his head because he spends so much time focused on her. 

Omar - part of the so-called Democrat 'squad' including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Talib and Ayanna Pressley - argued it is her 'intersectonality' that most intimidates Trump. 

In an interview with Samantha Bee, the Minnesota representative said she gets 'joy' from upholding the law by impeaching Trump and joked that the thought of Donald Jr being unhappy also makes her smile.

'I sit on the intersectionality of many identities he despises: Woman, immigrant, Muslim, refugee, hijabi - in one beautiful package,' she told Samantha Bee. 

'I think he's terrified by any women who are practising shine theory who have each-other's back,' she added.

Shine theory is the philosophy of helping to bring out the best in friends or colleagues, in the hope that they will do the same for you. 

Quizzed by the Full Frontal host about how it feels to be attacked by Republican politicians and conservative commentators, she insisted it doesn't bother her.

'I don't really care because the people who are working to take me out of context are vilifying and diminishing my voice anyway,' she said.

Just because I live rent free in their head doesn't mean they live rent free in mine.'

Speaking about the impeachment inquiry now investigating Donald Trump - which 'the squad' was fundamental in pushing for - she denied it was about getting rid of a president she personally dislikes.

Instead, she insisted, it is about upholding the rule of law.

'A lot of people think we take joy in impeaching this president because we don't like him,' she said.

'But we take joy in making sure that when we say we're going to protect the rule of law, that the American people know that we are serious about that..

If anything, Omar is the one who should be "terrified!"

She's the one facing numerous ethics complaints after multiple allegations of fraud - including marrying her own brother and lying about her family name to get into the U.S. - have come to surface. 

As The Daily Callernoted:

The president and Omar have harshly criticized each other since the latter was sworn into Congress at the beginning of the year. Trump has repeatedly lambasted Omar as anti-Semitic over her anti-Israel positions and support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. 


Omar has also come under scrutiny over the past month after a complaint filed with the FEC alleged that the congresswoman used campaign funds to pursue an affair with Tim Mynett, a married Democratic party consultant.


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