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Rush Limbaugh: “Trump Is The Most Important Whistleblower Ever”


The impeachment efforts being spurred on from Democrats following a (Soros-funded) whistleblower complaint is another “dud” in a long line of duds, according to Rush Limbaugh.

Although the Ukrainian call is only the latest in a series of futile, predictable attempts by Democrats to get Trump out of office, Limbaugh believes they’re gonna “keep doubling and tripling down” on it, just like we’ve seen with the Russia collusion narrative.

Fake News is the Dems’ friend here, but the source of their rage against Trump and determination to take him down stems from him not fitting in with corrupt politicians and our president’s committment to exposing the Deep State corruption that’s been going on for far too long!

You could even call President Trump the real whistleblower, as Limbaugh puts it,

“Let me tell you who the real whistleblower is. The real whistleblower is Donald J. Trump. Donald J. Trump is the most important whistleblower ever. Donald J. Trump is blowing the whistle on the entire Washington deep state, administrative state, establishment, elites, however you wish to characterize it.”


Here's a partial transcript of what Mr. Limbaugh had to say from his website

Nobody is talking about this in Ohio, meaning impeachment — meaning it did not drop with this gigantic explosion. It did not create this groundswell of public opinion calling Washington demanding Trump be impeached and sent home. None of that happened. All this is seen as just another stage in the Democrats’ effort to play politics. That’s all it is! It doesn’t carry any gravity the way the Democrats have run this whole show.

You’re not gonna see evidence of this. I’m telling you: It has not played out like the Democrats thought or like the Democrats hoped. In fact, I’m pretty comfortable characterizing it as a dud. Now, the thing about Democrats and their duds is they just keep doubling and tripling down on them. So it isn’t going away. Don’t misunderstand me. But it did not have the result they desired. It did not have anything close to the desire they had.

You see, folks, there’s nothing more important to the left than unseating Donald Trump. Nothing. It has consumed them. It is literally eating them alive right in front of our eyes — and there are reasons. There are reasons. It’s not just because they lost. It’s not just because they can’t deal with losing. It’s not just ’cause they can’t believe Hillary didn’t win. It’s not because they can’t believe Trump actually won. It’s not…

Those are all factors. There are a lot of people at risk here. Obama is at risk. The Clintons are at risk. The entire deep state, the administrative state, the ruling class is at risk. The Democrat Party… Remember what Watergate did to the Republicans? It devastated the party for a while. It was a disaster. Now, the media… The media has supported every coup — and that’s what this is. We’re in the midst of a Cold Civil War, and the Democrats with the media have supported every coup attempt.

This is just the next phase of the ongoing Democrat coup to overtake the Donald Trump government and reverse the election results of 2016. And they are scared to death about the Barr investigations, and I’ll tell you why. Because they did it! They are corrupt! They did spy! They violated laws left and right! The FBI and the DOJ behaved in ways unconstitutional from here to Sunday! Individuals in the FBI, from the director on down! Intelligence people who heretofore have remained anonymous — other than Clapper and Brennan.

All of these people are at risk of being exposed for orchestrating and implementing a silent coup to overthrow a duly constituted presidential election! Donald Trump can expose them all. Bill Barr can expose them all. This is the third coup attempt. They are not for nothing. The 2016 election wasn’t about Trump colluding with Russia. It was about Obama-Clinton election fixing. It was about the illicit help they received from the FBI, the DOJ, and various intelligence agencies.

That’s why Trump wants to know about CrowdStrike. That’s why Trump told the president of Ukraine to dig into CrowdStrike. Trump wants to fully expose what happened in 2016. He wants to drain the swamp. He wants to expose all of the corruption and the shenanigans that have been going on in this country, in the deep state for decades. He doesn’t care who he runs against in 2020. He isn’t trying to eliminate Biden from the race as much as he wants to expose the corruption surrounding the Obama administration!

The Obama administration was as dirty as the day is long, and the people that ran that administration are still as dirty as the day is long — and Trump wants everybody to know how screwed up and dangerous Washington has become. We’re on the verge of losing! Folks, we’re in the middle of a silent coup here! We’re in the middle of a Cold Civil War, I’m calling it. We’re on the verge of losing a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

We are at the precipice here! Trump is the enemy of certain sects of the government of the United States of America. There is a turf war underway, and everybody is playing for keeps. Fortunes, money, careers, futures for children, status, guaranteed status, respect, places in the pecking order. All of these are at stake. Access to valuable information.

The power that information brings, the power of unelected government officials to steer the country’s course from invisible regulatory agencies who do not have to pass a single law to change the behavior of the American people. Let me tell you who the real whistleblower is. The real whistleblower is Donald J. Trump. Donald J. Trump is the most important whistleblower ever. Donald J. Trump is blowing the whistle on the entire Washington deep state, administrative state, establishment, elites, however you wish to characterize it.

He is the whistleblower! And he has a minimum of 65 million people on his side sticking with him and supporting him. The United States government has been out of control for a long time, and the American people didn’t know the extent to which it has been out of control. It has developed a life of its own independent from the Constitution, independent from the founding principles of our country.

The Washington government, the Washington ruling class has set up their own little fiefdom — which is designed to enrich them, protect them, secure futures for their kids — at the expense of the country at large. What’s happening here is pretty simply. Donald Trump is fighting and working to give the country back to the people. He’s fighting the Democrats and the media. He’s fighting corrupt elected Democrats. He’s fighting Never-Trump Republicans, and deep state operatives who report to the Obamas.

Deep state operatives like Clinton, Clapper, Brennan, who report to Obama and Clinton. Trump is in a position to expose them all, and has said that that’s exactly what he’s going to do. Their names, their schemes, their connections. That’s why all of this is happening, in addition to the fact that they hate Trump simply because he won. It’s because of what’s at stake of being exposed.

Rush Limbaugh isn't the only one calling Trump the real whistleblower here.

So is WH senior advisor Stephen Miller.

From AL:

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller said Sunday that President Donald Trump is the true whistleblower, days after the release of a seven-page complaint in which a government whistleblower alleged that Trump had misused his office for personal gain, endangered national security and tried to keep it a secret.

Miller made the claim during an at-times heated interview on "Fox News Sunday."

"The president of the United States is the whistleblower, and this individual is a saboteur trying to undermine a democratically elected government," Miller said.

His defense of Trump came on the same day that Tom Bossert, a former Trump homeland security adviser, said he was "deeply disturbed" by the implications of the president's recently reported actions.

In his Fox appearance, Miller dodged several questions from host Chris Wallace about allegations surrounding the president's actions, such as Trump's decision to use not the federal government but rather his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to obtain information on the activities of former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter in Ukraine.

Miller also declined to answer when asked by Wallace to outline how, in his view, the Bidens broke any laws.

Hunter Biden served for nearly five years on the board of Burisma, Ukraine's largest private gas company, whose owner came under scrutiny by Ukrainian prosecutors for possible abuse of power and unlawful enrichment. Hunter Biden was not accused of any wrongdoing in the investigation.

As vice president, Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to fire the top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who Biden and other Western officials said was not sufficiently pursuing corruption cases. At the time, the investigation into Burisma was dormant, according to former Ukrainian and U.S. officials.

House Democrats have begun an impeachment inquiry into Trump's actions following the release last week of the whistleblower complaint as well as a rough transcript of a July phone call in which Trump repeatedly urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden.

Among those expressing alarm Sunday was Bossert, a rare official with ties to Trump to venture criticism of the president.

Bossert said he was "deeply disturbed" by the implications of Trump's call to Zelensky and strongly criticized the president for seemingly furthering an unfounded theory that cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike played a role in shielding emails sent by Trump's 2016 Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, and circulating allegations of Russian hacking.

The U.S. intelligence community has concluded that the Russians did, in fact, hack Democratic sources in an effort to swing the election to Trump.

"That conspiracy theory has got to go," Bossert said on ABC News's "This Week," explaining that Trump was motivated to spread the "completely debunked" theory because he had "not gotten his pound of flesh yet" over accusations that he had Russian help in winning the 2016 election. "They have to stop with that. It cannot continue to be repeated in our discourse. … If he continues to focus on that white whale, it's going to bring him down."

But Bossert said he was not convinced that Trump had leveraged U.S. aid to Ukraine for political dirt, noting that the president had other potential legitimate reasons to withhold the aid.

"I hope that everyone can sift through the evidence and be very careful, as I've seen a lot of rush to judgment this week," he said. "That said, it is a bad day and a bad week for this president and for this country if he is asking for political dirt on an opponent."

On Sunday, both sides dug in as the scrutiny on the president intensifies.

In a combative appearance on "This Week," Giuliani used the platform to air uncorroborated allegations that the Ukrainian government conspired with the administration of then-President Barack Obama and Clinton's presidential campaign to surface information damaging to Trump in the midst of the 2016 presidential election, as well as allegations of corruption surrounding the activities of Hunter Biden.

Giuliani is named in the whistleblower complaint and in Trump's phone call with Zelensky as being a key intermediary in a back-channel effort to dig up evidence on those allegations.

"I am proud of what I did," Giuliani said. "And I am proud of having uncovered what will turn out to be a massive pay-for-play scheme."


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