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Mark Levin: Media Keeping “Massive Democrat Scandal” Under Wraps To Protect Biden


Mark Levin confirms that there is indeed a HUGE scandal going on involving American politicians and the Ukraine, but it is not the false one mainstream media is pushing about some whistleblower’s allegations against President Trump.

Instead, the scandal involves former Vice President Joe Biden, who has been alleged to have pulled strings in the Ukraine while his son, Hunter was conducting shady deals in the country.

That’s the story the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know and is largely covering up with the Trump-Ukraine narrative in an effort to protect the Democrat forerunner (although it’s not working and his polls are slipping anyways!)

“You have a massive Democrat scandal here. That’s why the media are conducting themselves the way they are. That’s why the Democrats are trying to turn this inside-out. To immunize Biden and to attack Trump, but it won’t work,” Mark Levin told Sean Hannity in an appearance he made on his show Monday.


The clip of Mark Levin's calling out of the "massive Democrat scandal" is available on Fox & Friends Facebook page here.

It's also on MSN here.

Fox News has more to say about what Levin had to tell Hannity about the scandal:

The media is trying to protect 2020 presidential contender Joe Biden from scrutiny over his son's business dealings in Ukraine, Fox News host Mark Levin said Monday on "Hannity".

"You have a massive Democrat scandal here and that's why the media is conducting themselves the way they are. That's why the Democrats are trying to turn this inside-out. To immunize Biden and to attack Trump, but it won't work," he argued, accusing Biden of obstructing justice while he was vice president to protect his son and a future presidential bid.

Hunter Biden had been investigated related to his ties to a Ukrainian energy company.

Biden said in the past that the U.S. would withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees from Ukraine if the prosecutor was not fired, but it remains unclear if this was directly tied to Hunter Biden’s case, as other countries reportedly wanted the prosecutor out as well.

Levin scoffed at the media's reporting about a whistleblower who reported President Trump had exerted pressure on the president of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, possibly holding up a military package for Ukraine, as well.

He said he's "sick and tired" of the president's conversations with foreign leaders being leaked to the media and to Democrats.

Real Clear Politics also has a partial transcript of the show:

MARK LEVIN, "LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN" HOST: My take is the Biden family is corrupt. My take is that Joe Biden obstructed justice. You want to find obstruction. There it was. My take is that he blackmailed that government to get that prosecutor removed. And not just to protect his son, but to protect his future running for President of the United States.

And you have a massive Democrat scandal here. That's why the media are conducting themselves the way they are. That's why the Democrats are trying to turn this insight out to immunize Biden and to attack Trump but it won't work. You see, Trump came into office a very, very rich man, and he'll leave office a very, very rich man.

Joe Biden came in a very poor man. And then he left office a very rich man as did his family. Look how the media have covered this. First, we heard that Trump pressured Ukrainian President to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden and held up military aid. "The Wall Street Journal" says, "well, not exactly." Trump pressured the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden, but there was no quid pro quo.

Then, we get the whistle-blower complaint being withheld from Congress. And Nancy Pelosi is very angry about that, that's great. That takes us to impeachment territory. Justice Department and the DNI say, "No." There we find out really there is no whistle-blower. There is some guy who heard something or read something but wasn't in on the President's conversation.

By the way, I am sick and tired of this President's conversation with foreign leaders been leaked to the media and Democrats on Capitol Hill. I don't remember a damn one of those happen at all to Obama or any other President. Our President has to be able to speak to other heads of state without this kind of tyranny taking place.

Now, Ukraine, through their foreign minister, denies that Trump pressured them. But you see it doesn't fit their narrative. Now, let's take a look at what took place with Biden. By the way, we need a Special Counsel. I have an idea. We should appoint a Special Counsel and make sure all the assistant special councils either donated to the Trump campaign or worked into the Trump campaign because only then will we have an honest investigation.


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