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President Trump Delivers STONE COLD Speech To The U.N., Heralding Nationalism and the U.S.A.!


Oh my, what a difference a year makes!

President Trump was back in front of the U.N. today to give his annual speech in front of that famous green marble wall.

While last year was full of fire and brimstone, this year was “notably subdued” as one TV anchor described it.

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But that’s not totally how I saw things.

No, I saw something a little different.

You know how there’s always a story arc in a movie, as you move through the hero’s journey where the hero starts off not sure of himself and learning the ropes, then as he grows in confidence and abilities he gets loud and almost cocky, then there’s a final moment of trajedy where something bad happens to them and it shifts their entire perspective.  

From that point on, they are changed.  

They’ve seen it all.  

They’ve been through it all.

And that moment has shifted them into their final destiny.

They know what they have to do.

They know what is in front of them.

They know they will win, but they know the battle will be hard fought and there will be losses along the way.

THAT is what I saw in President Trump today. 

It’s the moment where Clint Eastwood says in a low growl “Make my day!”

To me, that was the Trump was saw today.  

He knows he’s standing right in the heart of the lion’s den at the U.N.  

He has the dirt on everyone, he knows it all, and he knows the road that lies ahead.

He believes he will win, but it’s no longer a young cockyness, it’s the King Lion heading out on his final hunt.  

It’s that moment where the two elevators of life meet at their peaks, the declining elevator of mental and physical acuity and the rising elevator of experience and expertise.  

That was the Trump I saw today.  

And let me tell you something, when you hit that point in the movie where the hero embarks on his final journey, head down, full of reserved confidence in the knowledge of what they’re about to do….if I were the Democrats I would be VERY nervous to see that version of President Trump.

So with that in mind, watch these clips and see if you see what I see.  

I’ve added multiple video clips below in case any get taken down (as they so love to do).

Watch here:

And here:

“The free world must embrace its national foundations. It must not attempt to erase them or replace them,” Trump said as he began his speech at the UN this morning.

“Looking around, and all over this large, magnificent planet, the truth is plain to see: if you want freedom, take pride in your country. If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty. And if you want peace, love your nation.”

“Wise leaders put the good of their own people and their own country first.”

“The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots,” Trump said. “The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations, who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors and honor the differences that make each country special and unique.”

“We stand in solidarity with LGBTQ people who live in countries that punish, jail or execute individuals based upon sexual orientation.”

“Nations have empower women are much wealthier, safer and much more politically stable.”

“It’s therefore vital, not only to a nation’s prosperity, but also is vital to its national security to pursue women’s economic development.”

“The dictator Maduro is a Cuban puppet, protected by Cuban bodyguards, hiding from his own people while Cuba plunders Venezuela’s oil wealth to sustain its own corrupt, Communist rule.”

And here:

And here:

And here:

And from Politico:

President Donald Trump delivered his third address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, presenting a fierce defense of his "America First" philosophy that also served as a campaign pitch. Here, we decode how his messages that were theoretically meant for other world leaders were really intended for an audience at home.

“I have the privilege of addressing you today as the elected leader of a nation that prizes liberty, Independence and self-government above all.The United States, after having spent over two and a half trillion dollars since my election to completely rebuild our great military, is also by far the world's most powerful nation.”

Trump brags every chance he gets about what he calls one of his greatest accomplishments — an increase in spending on the military. But his oft-repeated claim that the mighty American war machine was hobbled under his predecessor is a bit much; the U.S. was still the world’s largest spender by an overwhelming amount, though China has made huge strides in recent years.

"The future does not belong to globalists, the future belongs to patriots, the future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors and honor the differences that make each country special and unique."

This is the essence of Trump’s “America First” policy, the same nationalist rhetoric he espoused on the campaign trail that fueled his victory in 2016.

"It is why we in the United States have embarked on an exciting program of national renewal, and everything we do we are focused on empowering the dreams and aspirations of our citizens.Thanks to our pro-growth economic policies, our domestic unemployment rate reached its lowest level in over half a century. Fueled by massive tax cuts and regulations cuts, jobs are being produced at a historic rate. Six million Americans have been added to the employment roles in under three years. Last month, African-American, hispanic American and Asian American unemployment reached their lowest rates ever recorded."

Trump was probably never given a speech as president without boasting about the economy — his strongest re-election talking point. But he and some of his closest advisers are starting to worry that an economic downturn will hurt his re-election chances.

"The United States is now taking that decisive action to end this grave economic injustice. Our goal is simple. We want balanced trade that is both fair and reciprocal. We have worked closely with our partners in Mexico and Canada to replace NAFTA with the brand new and hopefully bipartisan U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement."

This is more of a message to congressional leaders then foreign leaders. Trump has been pushing Congress to pass his new trade agreement, for months and months, but the prospects have grown dim

"To confront these unfair practices, I placed massive tariffs on more than $500 billion worth of Chinese-made goods. Already, as a result of these tariffs, supply chains are relocating back to America and to other nations, and billions of dollars are being paid to our treasury. The American people are absolutely committed to restoring balance to our relationship with China. Hopefully we can reach an agreement that will be beneficial for both countries. But as I have made very clear, I will not accept a bad deal for the American people. As we endeavor to stabilize our relationship, we're also carefully monitoring the situation in Hong Kong. The world fully expects that the Chinese government will honor its binding treaty made with the British and registered with the United Nations in which China commits to protect Hong Kong's freedom, legal system and democratic ways of life. How China chooses to handle the situation will say a great deal about its role in the world in the future. We are all counting on President Xi as a great leader."

Trump enters his re-election campaign without fulfilling one of his major campaign promises — a trade deal with China. He is trying to persuade people — some of whom have been hurt by an unstable economy — that not accepting a bad deal with China is actually a win.

"The United States does not seek conflict with any other nation. We desire peace, cooperation and mutual gain with all. But I will never fail to defend America's interests. One of the greatest security threats facing peace-loving nations today is the repressive regime in Iran. The regime's record of death and destruction is well known to us all. Not only is Iran the world's number one state sponsor of terrorism, but Iran's leaders are fuelling the tragic wars in both Syria and Yemen."

Ever since Trump blamed Iran for attacking Saudi oil fields, people in and outside the United States have worried Trump would order a military strike. Trump didn't rule that out.

Honor President Trump!

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