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New Reports Say RUSSIA May Have The Dirt Connecting Prince Andrew To Epstein!


Wouldn’t that be an interesting turn of events?

New reports out today say that the U.K.’s MI6 foreign spy agency believes and fears that Russia may have the intel linking Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein and human trafficking.  


Here’s more, from the Toronto Sun:

The British secret service fears that Russia has damaging information on Prince Andrew and his involvement with underage sex slave abusing pal Jeffrey Epstein.

According to a report in The Times of London, MI6 — the U.K.’s foreign spy agency — believes a Palm Beach County deputy sheriff who defected passed on a Prince Andrew file to the Kremlin.

It’s believed the information pertains to the randy royal’s alleged sexual relationship with underage sex slave Virginia Roberts.

She has claimed she had unwanted sex with the prince when she was just 17.

The ex-deputy — John Mark Dougan — is an American who sought asylum in Moscow in 2016.

During a 2005 Florida probe into the pedophile billionaire’s activities, Dougan was a member of the sheriff’s department who went rogue.

Epstein — who hanged himself in his New York jail cell in August — owned an oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach.

According to The Times, MI6 officials said that Dougan allegedly had contact with a senior Russian government official who is close to strongman President Vladimir Putin.

He fled the U.S. after resigning in 2009 and became an anti-corruption crusader, posting lurid allegations against his former colleagues.

Just before he fled, an FBI investigation into Dougan was in its embryonic stage.

Dougan claimed political asylum in Russia, rebranding himself as “BadVolf.”

Roberts told Dateline her encounter with Prince Andrew happened in 2001 at Epstein’s alleged “pimp” Ghislaine Maxwell’s London townhouse.

Prince Andrew has repeatedly denied he had sex with Roberts.

But Roberts said she met the Royal at a London nightclub where he was “pouring with perspiration” and a “hideous dancer.”

“He was an abuser, he was a participant,” she told NBC. “The first time in London, I was so young. Ghislaine woke me up in the morning  and said, ‘you’re gonna meet a prince today.’

“I didn’t know at that point that I was going to be trafficked to a prince,” Roberts said.

And from the NY Post:

As if Prince Andrew’s embarrassing ties to a Jeffrey Epstein “sex slave” weren’t bad enough, British spymasters now worry Russia may have obtained scandal-related “kompromat” on the randy royal.

Incriminating evidence of the prince’s alleged 2001 tryst with then-17-year-old Epstein “slave” Virginia Giuffre could be in Russian hands, fears MI6, the British intelligence service.

The agency’s concerns center on the curious case of John Mark Dougan, an ex-Marine and former Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy who now lives in Russia, The Times of London reported Saturday.

Dougan, who moved to Moscow and sought asylum there in 2016, had worked for the sheriff’s office in 2005, the year it began an investigation into Epstein. The billionaire pedophile had owned a Palm Beach mansion.

Now, almost 20 years after Andrew’s alleged tryst, a “security source” tells the Times that MI6 is concerned Dougan may still have inside information concerning Epstein and Prince Andrew.

Dougan claimed on Facebook in July he still possessed confidential documents no one had seen, the Times said.

And Dougan is known to have had contact with Pavel Borodin, a senior Russian government official who is sometimes referred to as President Vladimir Putin’s “mentor,” the Times said.

Dougan quit the Palm Beach County sheriff’s office in 2009 after three years on road patrol and became a self-appointed corruption “whistleblower.”

By 2012, he was running loose-cannon websites accusing his former fellow sheriffs of corruption, fascism and even child molestation.

“It didn’t bother me until he said I raped my son,” then-Sheriff Ric Bradshaw complained of Dougan to the Palm Beach Post in 2012.

With an FBI investigation looming, Dougan fled the US in 2016, catching a flight from Toronto to Moscow.

There, he claimed political asylum and billed himself as “BadVolf,” an exiled law-enforcement whistleblower.

In 2017 he was linked to an online story falsely accusing one of his longtime targets, Palm Beach’s then-chief deputy sheriff, of being a white supremacist who wanted to rape and kill “a black man or a Jew.”

Dougan denied involvement with the story to the Palm Beach Post at the time.

And more from the NY Post about the alleged falling out between Andrew and Epstein:

Prince Andrew had a bitter falling-out with close pal Jeffrey Epstein years before the pedophile’s suicide — sparked by damning coverage in The Post, according to a report.

The British royal has been savaged for his decades-long friendship with the multimillionaire sex trafficker — one that continued even after Epstein had been jailed for sex with a minor in 2008.

Sources tell CNN the pair fell out in 2011 — eight years before Epstein’s suicide last month in his Manhattan lockup — sparked by the heat from powerful coverage in The Post.

Epstein was furious over a February 2011 Postexposé about their friendship — especially at them being dubbed “the prince and the pervert,” three sources told the news network.

The heat the article generated then sparked separate stories about how Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, had borrowed $24,000 from the pedophile — a loan she soon called a “gigantic error of judgment.”

“I abhor pedophilia and any sexual abuse of children,” she said at the time, saying she was “contrite” and vowing to have “nothing ever to do with Jeffrey Epstein ever again.”

The Duchess of York’s statements further enraged Epstein, who fired back with angry threats of legal action — ultimately ending his lengthy friendship with the prince, according to CNN.

Ferguson’s publicist at the time, James Henderson, told the network about a “deeply unpleasant” phone call he got from Epstein threatening a defamation lawsuit.

“It was so unpleasant that I was left slightly rattled and I saved his number so I’d never have to take a call from him again,” Henderson told the network.

He says Epstein then sent the Duchess a legal letter, CNN reports.

While the news outlet says the friendship ended then, Andrew’s ties with Epstein still damage him to this day.

Just this week, accuser Virginia Guiffre again repeated her claims that Epstein made her have sex with the prince when she was 17, according to a “Dateline NBC” special.

Now British spymasters at MI6 reportedly fear that Russia may have obtained scandal-related “kompromat” on the randy royal.

Andrew has always emphatically denied the claims, and last month admitted he “regretted” his friendship with Epstein.

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“At no stage during the limited time I spent with him did I see, witness or suspect any behavior of the sort that subsequently led to his arrest and conviction,” he insisted.

“I have said previously that it was a mistake and an error to see him after his release in 2010 and I can only reiterate my regret that I was mistaken to think that what I thought I knew of him was evidently not the real person, given what we now know.”

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