Gene Simmons Speaks Out: "Don't Be Ashamed To Say God Bless America!" - We Love Trump

Gene Simmons Speaks Out: “Don’t Be Ashamed To Say God Bless America!”

Rock legend Gene Simmons of KISS loves America, and he’s not afraid to say it, unlike too many Americans and especially celebrities these days.

At the Pentagon, Simmons gave a riveting speech that had to have given everyone in the room goosebumps. Simmons himself choked up multiple times during the speech, as he told about how his own mother, who passed away recently, survived a concentration camp and how her love of America and its freedom inspired him as an American who was born in Israel.

“I may have been born in the country that people throughout history have referred to as the promised land, but take my word for it, America is the promised land, for everybody. And don’t be ashamed, don’t hesitate… we need to teach young people to be comfortable with saying ‘God Bless America,’” said Simmons proudly.

Watch this emotional and inspiring speech from Gene Simmons here:

Fans of both Gene Simmons and our great nation spoke out in support of what Simmons had to say on Twitter.

Check it out:


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