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TURNING RED: CNN Travels To Minnesota Democrat Stronghold, Discovers Residents Turning To Trump!


CNN host Martin Savidge made a trip to the Iron Range near Lake Superior in Minnesota – a well-known, longtime Democrat stronghold – to speak with residents about politics and how they’re gonna vote come 2020.

He was shocked to find out that everyone he interviewed is voting for Trump this round!

The Iron Range is mining country, and President Trump’s economy has done them great favors.

Mayor of Eveleth, MN spoke highly of President Trump,

“He’s our guy, he supports mining, he’s our guy!”

Check out the clips of Savidge’s interviews with the folk in the Iron Range here on Twitter:

The CNN video was also posted by Trump War Room on Youtube:

Fellow deplorables on Twitter are speaking up in support of those Minnesotan Trump supporters:

Native Minnesotans are also taking to Twitter to confirm that Minnesota is indeed turning red under Trump:

Other's pointed out their shock at seeing CNN air something like this!


Keep in mind that Minnesota is the state Ilhan Omar is said to represent, and as you see in the CNN video, her constituents are not happy!

It seems like Minnesota citizens are sick and tired of the liberal agenda they've been subjected to for decades!

What do you think?

Will Minnesota go red in 2020?

PJ Media gave more insight into this:

The last Republican to win Minnesota was Richard Nixon in 1972. It's generally considered a blue state, but in 2016, Donald Trump barely lost Minnesota by roughly 44,000 votes. According to a CNN report that aired Thursday evening, the state appears to be trending red and could be fertile ground for a Trump pickup in 2020. CNN's Martin Savidge found that Minnesota voters are “more and more aligned” with President Trump. The mayor of Eveleth, Minn., Robert Vlaisavljevich, for example, votes Democrat locally but is a Trump supporter. "He's our guy, he supports mining. He's our guy." He's not alone. “Folks here say they didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left them,” Savidge reported.

Red Statealso said:

The Iron Range in northern Minnesota has been deep blue forever. CNN’s Martin Savidge traveled to this rural area to speak to voters and found that many of them plan to cast their vote for President Trump. Savidge tells viewers:

Once a Democratic stronghold, many of the voters we talk to here say more and more, they align with the President. This is mining country. Not coal mining, but taconite, a mineral used in making steel. Forty or fifty years ago, the Iron Range, as it’s called, was booming bringing big city prosperity to small towns like Eveleth.

Savidge asked the town’s mayor, Robert Vlaisavljevich, “Are we talking thousands of people sort of shifting and changing their politics?”

“Yes,” answered the mayor. “Oh, yeah…Things were just going gangbusters, businesses all over. Then when it crashed, everybody was caught by surprise. It crashed hard.”

Savidge narrates: The number of mining jobs in the region went from over 14,000 in the 1980s to just about 4,500 today, leaving families and main streets to suffer.

Vlaisavljevich has been the mayor of Eveleth for eighteen years on and off. He votes Democratic in state races. But he’s got a Trump sticker on his desk, a Christmas card from the President on his bulletin board and the deer on his office wall sports a MAGA hat.

Savidge asks, “The political support for the President, part of that is just survival?”

The mayor replies, “Economics…He’s our guy. He supports mining. He’s our guy.”

Savidge spoke with a couple, perhaps in their fifties. The man said, “Her brothers were staunch union Democrats for years and they’re not anymore.”

Savidge tells viewers that “Trump’s tariffs on imported steel are popular. So is his easing of environmental regulations. They also like his crackdown on immigration.”


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