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President Trump’s Wonderful Message To New Citizens At Naturalization Ceremony!


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To everyone who says President Trump is against immigrants, I’m sorry but you’re just wrong.

He’s always said we need immigrants, but they must come in LEGALLY.

And that’s what happened today in Des Moines, Iowa (and probably many other places around the country).

A big thanks to Mark, a friend of WeLoveTrump, who was in attendance and captured the President’s video message at the ceremony.

It’s a wonderful message and we wanted to share it with you all.

Please enjoy.

Watch here:

Or here:

Local News13 had more info:

For 15 years, the World Food and Music Festival in Western Gateway Park has brought different cultures together through international cuisine, live music, and performing arts.

Ninety-thousand people are expected to come through Des Moines for the festival this weekend. One-hundred and fifty of them will be celebrated during a Naturalization Ceremony at 11 a.m. on Friday.

"These individuals that are going to become U.S. citizens have already gone through a lot of tests and a lot of work to get to this point so it's a very special day for them where they do through the court ceremony and become U.S. citizens," World Food and Music Festival Director Colleen Murphy said.

Another big part of the festival is the food. There are more than 50 food vendors and no food item is more than $6. Each vendor is giving a $1 sample of their food. Every vendor will take cash, some will take cards, but there will be ATM's on-site.

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There is live music throughout the festival and you can find a list of performers on their website www.dsmpartnership.com/worldfoodandmusicfestival/.

There is free parking at the Nation Wide parking ramp and the D-Line on DART busses are always free to use.

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