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Ilhan Omar Says She’s “Only Controversial Because People Seem To Want Controversy”


The Democrat Somali-American Rep. Ilhan Omar has been at the center of multiple scandals, including multiple allegations of immigration fraud, marrying her own brother, numerous accounts of anti-Semitism, and most recently cheating on her husband with a prominent married Democrat strategist!

All “allegedly” of  course.

But, Omar doesn’t appear to be taking personal responsibility for any of this any time soon.

No, according to Ilhan Omar, she’s “only controversial because people seem to want controversy.”

These were Omar’s exact words speaking on Face The Nation, and you can watch her smugly utter them in this clip from Twitter:


Are you surprised that Ilhan Omar does not hold herself accountable for any of the "controversy" she's caused?


Fox News chimed in on the matter:

Rep. Ilhan Omar, reacting to outrage over a resurfaced video in which she appeared to compare migrant detention centers to the slave trade, said Sunday she’s “controversial” only because “people seem to want the controversy.” 

The Minnesota Democrat’s comments came during an appearance on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” with Margaret Brennan. Asked whether Omar was indeed making that comparison in the video, Omar said, “I’m only controversial because people seem to want the controversy.” 

Breitbart also gave a partial transcript on the interview with Omar:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Now, we said in the introduction you’re controversial. The Republican National Committee has released a video of you and it- I want to read you just some of it. You’re comparing migrant shelters to dungeons used about 400 years ago in Ghana that you recently visited. And you toured those caves in Ghana recently. It’s getting a lot of attention. Did you mean, when you were talking there, to compare U.S. border agents to slave traders?

OMAR: So, I’m only controversial because people seem to want to- controversy. What I talked about at our panel that was the plight of black immigrants was about the experience I was having as I went through the dungeons. There were stories that were being told, and I talked about how at that moment I had an image of what’s happening in Libya as- as people as- are being sold. We’ve- we’ve all seen that video, that auction of somebody being sold for 400 dollars. And then I talked about the separation stories that he told about how families were being torn apart, how children were being separated from their parents, how husband and wife would be forcibly separated. And I said that kind of reminded me of what was happening at our border here.


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