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Sarah Carter Reports Live On Fox News McCabe Says He’ll Take Everyone Down With Him!


Remember this?

I damn sure do!

This is a FLASHBACK article to March 16, 2018, a time in the news right after Andrew McCabe was fired from the FBI.

And here’s the big bombshell…..

In a panel discussion on Fox News, Sarah Carter reported that Andrew McCabe had said “if I go down, I’m taking everyone down with me!”

Oh yes indeed!

Of course that’s relevant today because reports are that a grand jury indictment is coming very soon.

Will this be the first domino to fall and knock down all others?

We’ve got the video clip for you below.



Here's the Full Video (jump to 2:25 mark):

And here's the transcript of that interview, from Fox News itself:

CARTER: This is what so interesting he believes this is all about the president. This is about his colleagues at OPR who found him, the lack of candor -- 

INGRAHAM: Lying. Misrepresenting.

CARTER: He lied. Plain and simple he lied. A lot of former FBI agents that I spoke to say I hope he's fired. Is he going to get fired today? That's all I kept hearing all day because they realize if they had done this, they would have been fired too.

And there's a lot of ongoing investigations right now. This is not just about Michael Horowitz at the DOJ right now. Remember, there's a prosecutor looking into the unmasking, the FISA abuse that has been taking place with Carter Page in particular.

So, we have a number of investigations and McCabe is worried. He's said over and over again, if I go down, I'm taking everybody else with me.

INGRAHAM: Now we have Ron Kesler, author of the book "The Secrets of the FBI" on. Ron, you're probably not surprised by any of this. I think Harmeet's point, Sarah made it, Bobby made it, this could be the beginning of something really great for the country. Namely we clean out the underbrush in our intelligence agencies. That's a big call and a big wish.

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But it's time to clean out the problem people. If Andrew McCabe lied and misrepresented as the Office of the Inspector General will conclude, Office of Professional Responsibility confirmed that is a real problem.

You're supposed to be calling balls and strikes at the FBI, not advocating on behalf of one person because of their political party. Ron, your reaction tonight.

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