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Pete Buttigieg’s Brother-In-Law Calls Him A False Prophet For Twisting Scripture To Push Abortion


Democrat presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg just got called out for his use of Bible passages to support his stance on abortion…by his own brother-in-law, Ryhan Glezman!

Glezman, who is a pastor in Michigan, felt called to call on Buttigieg to repent for twisting God’s Word to support abortion during an appearance on Fox News with Tucker Carlson.

Glezman spoke,

“I would like to make a plea to Pete Buttigieg, my brother-in-law, that he reconsider his position and the way he has misrepresented scripture to push this pro-abortion platform that he’s pushing. I would like to make a plea that he would reconsider and actually open his Bible.”

Watch for yourself here:

Fox News has more to say on what Buttigieg's own family thinks of his interpretation of the Bible:

The brother-in-law of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg called on the mayor to reconsider his opinion on abortion.

In an interview with Fox News' Tucker Carlson, Rhyan Glezman, an Evangelical pastor in Michigan, said Tuesday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that Buttigieg should read from Scripture to better appreciate how each life is made in God's image.

"I'd like to make a plea with him that he reconsider, and actually open his Bible -- I actually ask all people to open up their Bibles as they're watching this -- to then turn to Psalm 139," he said.

"How can you read those passages that talk about [how] we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, intrinsically, yet we are woven together in the woman's womb."

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Glezman told Carlson the Bible, specifically the Psalm he referenced, should make it clear to people that, "life begins at conception."

The Hill also commented:

The brother-in-law of Democratic White House hopeful Pete Buttigieg said Friday that the South Bend, Ind., mayor should “repent” for invoking the Bible to justify late-term abortions and accused him of being "a false teacher."

Rhyan Glezman, 34, an evangelical pastor who serves a small-town Michigan church, told the Washington Examiner in an interview that Buttigieg’s claim that the Bible talks about how life begins with breath is “outrageous” and is an example of the presidential candidate “weaponizing” Christian beliefs.

"If we're going to say we're for all people and we love all people, but we don't value human life in the womb, that's being a hypocrite," Glezman, the brother of Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten, told the Examiner. "You're hypocritical if you don't stand up for all life. So that's why I'm speaking out."

He added, “I feel a sense of responsibility and stewardship of my faith to stand up and say something, to say, 'No, that's not true.’ God places a very high value on all human life. Everyone is created fearfully and wonderfully in the image of God with intrinsic value. That doesn't start at the first breath, it starts when we enter our mother's womb.”


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