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FLASHBACK: President Bush Receives Word Of 9-11 Attacks While Reading To Kids


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One of the most iconic videos in our nation’s history.

George W. Bush is President.

He’s reading to kids in a school.

How nice.  

How quaint.

Suddenly, an advisor comes over and whispers in his ear, presumably “we’re under attack!”

What he does next still boggles my mind.  

In the comments below, you’ll see some people think it was the perfect response.  Calm, cool, collected.  Presidential.

I say it doesn’t add up to me.

This should be the most shocking news of you life, especially as the Commander In Chief, and you just sit there?

Don’t even flinch?

No emotion at all, just a blank stare?  

I’m not drawing any conclusions, I’m just saying 2+2 does not  =4 in my mind when I see this.

How about you?

Many people applauded his response:


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