President Trump Staying True To His Promise To Protect The Lives Of The Unborn

President Trump Staying True To His Promise To Protect The Lives Of The Unborn

President Trump is the only candidate in the run for 2020 against the evil practice of abortion.

While the far-left hopefuls for the Democrat nomination support abortion right up to the day the innocent child is born, President Trump is meanwhile fighting against the infanticidal practice…and succeeding tremendously!

Among inspiring multiple states to enact extremely strict restrictions on abortion, President Trump has even defunded Planned Parenthood majorly, getting them to give up $60 million in federal funding since they refuse to stop referring women to abortion doctors.

This is just one reason on a list of many why we need to get Trump in office for four more years.


Alveda King - niece of Martin Luther King Jr. - agrees that President Trump is committed to making big changes for the Pro-Life movement.

She wrote an excellent piece for LifeSite News on this, which you can read an excerpt of here:

When President Trump promised to protect innocent human life, he meant it – thanks to his administration’s reforms, Planned Parenthood is giving up $60 million in federal funding, or enough to cover the costs of about 40,000 abortion procedures.

The rule change to Title X – a federal program designed to support various family planning projects – was first announced by the Department of Health and Human Services in February. Under the new guideline, organizations receiving Title X funds would have to ensure that those resources are not used to “perform, promote, refer for, or support abortion as a method of family planning.” Likewise, the rules have called for a “clear financial and physical separation between Title X and non-Title X activities,” meaning that Planned Parenthood would have to perform abortions in detached, separately-funded facilities.

Instead of complying with the new rule, America’s largest abortion provider decided to forego Title X funding altogether – a major victory for pro-life activists like me who believe that taxpayer dollars should not be spent on killing innocent babies.

“I would defund because of the abortion factor,” then-candidate Trump promised in 2016. “I would defund it, because I’m pro-life.”

Notably, Donald Trump doesn’t believe in defunding Planned Parenthood just for the sake of political retribution – as he has repeatedly stressed, he would gladly continue funding the organization as long as it stopped promoting and performing abortions.

Do you agree with Ms. King?

Is President Trump the only candidate for the 2020 election that is truly committed to protecting innocent lives?

Let us know what you think!

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