Kid Posts Video Claiming He Was Kicked Off Plane For Red MAGA Hat! Security Escort!

It appears as though a kid (or young adult) was booted off an airplane for the crime of wearing a red MAGA hat.

The video picks up as he’s being escorted off the plane, so we don’t see what happened before, but by all accounts the kid appears very calm and reasonable and in no way threatening.

He also reports in the video that other passengers threatened him and the President, yet he was the one booted off.

I have a question….is it still legal in this country to wear a MAGA hat?

That’s a serious question.

Because if it is, stuff like this should NOT happen.

Tell ’em Chuck:


Here's the video:

This is not the first time someone has been booted off an airplane in a red MAGA hat.

Recall this event from two years ago:

We don't know what happened before the first video started recording, but based on what we can see, it appears very wrong!

Your thoughts?  

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