Trump Beating Every Democrat Presidential Hopeful In New Poll On "Favorability"

Trump Beating Every Democrat Presidential Hopeful In New Poll On “Favorability”

Here’s a poll to counter all the “fake news polls” of top Dems leading Trump.

YouGov just released a poll taken from Sunday through Thursday that showed Trump is actually topping ALL Democrat presidential hopefuls in “favorability” of the American people.

Sorry, Dems.

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It seems like Trump’s gonna be in for another four years!

Check it out:


Here's a link to the YouGov poll's complete findings, which you can read yourself.

The Western Journal commented on its results:

A new poll shows President Donald Trump is viewed more favorably by voters than any of the top Democratic presidential candidates.

In fact, Trump topped the entire Democratic field in total favorability, partially because many candidates remain unknowns, with very low favorability and unfavorability numbers.

The Economist/YouGov poll, taken from Sunday through Tuesday, gave the president an overall favorability rating of 43 percent, with 29 percent having a “very favorable” reaction to Trump.

The poll found that Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont received a 41 percent favorable score, but only 18 percent rated Sanders “very favorable.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden trailed Sanders by 1 percentage point overall with a 40 percent favorability rating, but he had only 17 percent rate him “very favorable.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts racked up a 39 percent overall score, but still received only a 20 percent “very favorable” rating.

Warren’s 20 percent score was the highest “very favorable” rating of any Democrat in the poll.

It looks like President Trump is right!

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