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DISGRACEFUL: Mayor Pete Appears To Support Abortion At Birth, Saying Life Begins At First Breath


As the Tweet below says, this is really SICK.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg went on The Breakfast Club radio show to give his thoughts on abortion, and boy were they something.

Not only did he say that he thinks life doesn’t begin until a baby takes its first breath (which could be up to and even during birth – sick!) …. the worst part is he tried to use the Bible to defend it.

Oh I would NOT want to be this guy on Judgment Day.  

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Good luck Pete!   –> here’s some future imagery for you to “warm up to” –> 🔥🔥🔥

Take a look at what he said:

On Twitter, people were NOT amused:


Keep this man FAR, FAR away from the White House!

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