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ALL ON VIDEO: Kamala Harris Laughs After Man Calls President Trump “Mentally Retarded”


This is not ok on many levels.

Yet because it’s a Democrat, I’m sure the Mainstream Media will do their best to bury the story.

Perhaps you can help us make sure that doesn’t happen?

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So here’s what happened….

At a townhall kind of event (that appeared to be VERY poorly attended), a person asked Harris a question.

Towards the end he wrapped up by referring to President Trump as “mentally retarded”.  

Now, let’s take a brief moment to detour here for a second.  

This man I’m sure is successful in life, but compared to Trump?  Compared to a man who built a $10 billion company?  A man who had the top TV show on network television?  A man who ran for President and won on his first try with no prior experience?  A man with a worldwide brand and his name on more multi-million dollar properties than this guy could ever dream to own?


How exactly does a so-called “mentally retarded” person accomplish all of that?

It’s just a stupid thing to say.

It’s also highly offensive.

So what did Kamala Harris do after the man made the comment?

Surely she corrected him, right?

Democrats are all about the less-privileged and equal rights, aren’t they?

Surely she would not let a slur like that go unquestioned.

She did.

Not only did she let it go, but she laughed a lot and then said “Well said, well said”.


All caught on video:

Harris would later try to dig her way out of the hole by saying she didn't "process" what the man said.


The DCNF had more:

Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris on Friday appeared to agree with a supporter who called President Trump “mentally retarded” during a campaign rally in New Hampshire, video footage shows.

Asked about the remarks on Saturday, Harris claimed she did not hear the pejorative, and called the remark offensive.

Harris was fielding questions in Londonderry when a supporter spoke out in support of impeaching Trump.

“I don’t buy that argument that impeachment does not make sense; the Senate will acquit. I don’t buy that argument. There needs to be accountability. What are you going to do in the next one year to diminish the mentally retarded actions of this guy,” said the man, as some in the audience chuckled.

“Well said,” Harris responded. “Well said.”

“I plan to win this election, I’ll tell you that.”

CBS News reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns asked Harris about the exchange on Saturday, at a New Hampshire Democratic party rally.

“It’s an incredibly offensive term,” Harris said of the “mentally retarded” remark.

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“It’s offensive, and you would think that in the year 2019, people would have a much better understanding how hurtful a term like that can be — but also the history behind it, which is the history of really ignoring the needs and the realities and the capacity of our disabilities community.”

“You didn’t correct. Did you hear him?” Huey-Burns asked Harris.

“I heard him talk about the other stuff. And then that came later. And it was not something that I really heard or processed, you know, in any way.”

Harris has tumbled in recent polls taken of the Democratic field. She surged following a debate in late June in which she confronted frontrunner Joe Biden about his work as a senator with segregationists in the 1970s.



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