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Young Houston Woman Uses Gun To Protect Herself From Group Of Robbers: “I Saved My Life”


Democrats want to take your guns away.

They preach on and on about how banning firearms will reduce violence and prevent tragedy.

Lachelle Hudgins from Houston will tell you otherwise.

Ms. Hudgins has just parked her car outside her own home on Tuesday when out of a group of 5 nearby men, 2 approached her car, tried to reach through her window and steal her purse!

Before the would-be-robbers could grab her bag, though, Hudgins acted fast, reached inside and pulled out her gun.

She shot two rounds at the men, injuring one, and causing all the rest to flee!

“It was all I had in my gun. I shot until I couldn’t shoot anymore,” explained Lachelle,

“I saved my life.”

Watch what Lachelle had to say about the account and how thankful she was that she had her gun in this clip from Twitter:

American patriots are reaching out to congratulate Lachelle and how her story reflects the truth that, counter to what Dems say, gun rights save lives:

One Twitter user called out Democrat presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke of Texas for his stance on gun control:

Another made an excellent observation on mainstream media's coverage of shootings:


Local Houston news source ABC13 has more details on what went down:

A woman shot and wounded a suspected robber who reached for her purse, police say.

It happened around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday on Creekbend at Fondren in southwest Houston.

Police say Lachelle Hudgins had just parked her vehicle outside her home when two men reached through her driver's side window and grabbed her purse. Before they could take it, Hudgins frantically reached into her bag and grabbed her gun.

"I couldn't do anything except scream. At one point, they told me to stop screaming, and he reached his hand inside my car," Hudgins explained.

The Washington Post also said:

When Lachelle Hudgins pulled into her Houston apartment complex sometime around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, she realized she was not alone.


According to Houston police spokesman Kese Smith, Hudgins told investigators that she was rolling up her windows when she noticed five or six youths between the ages of 15 and 20 standing by a mailbox. Five of them began to approach her vehicle, she said, and they were armed.


At first, “I couldn’t do anything except scream,” Hudgins, 28, told ABC 13.


But when one man reached through a partially opened car window to grab her purse, Hudgins grabbed her handgun out of her bag and fired two rounds, striking her assailant, police say. Hudgins told police the other men fled, and authorities have not been able to locate them.


As Americans debate gun-control efforts after recent mass shootings in El Paso and Odessa, Tex., gun rights advocates have pointed to Hudgins’s story to emphasize their argument that guns are necessary for self-defense.


“It was all I had in my gun. I shot until I couldn’t shoot anymore,” Hudgins said. “I saved my life.”

Officers responding to the shooting found a male juvenile with gunshot wounds, police said. He was taken to a hospital, according to Smith, and his condition prevents him from speaking with investigators.


The Houston district attorney declined to charge Hudgins in the incident, Smith said. Texas requires a license to carry handguns in public, though they are not permitted in places such as airports. Texas also has a “stand your ground” law, known as its “Castle Doctrine,” which allows people to use deadly force to defend themselves under certain circumstances.


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