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Author Rebecca Makkai Calls For People To Stop Wearing Red Hats: They’re “Symbols Of Hate” Equivalent To Swastikas


Not only are MAGA hats offensive to the left now, but so are ALL hats red in color.

According to Pulitzer Prize finalist author Rebecca Makkai, many “normal people” find red hats “scary.”

And by “normal”, she means sensitive, extreme leftist snowflakes.

Apparently, anyone who supporters Trump or does not get triggered by red hats is not “normal” in Makkai’s book.

This is not a joke, and Makkai appears completely serious.

Read her tweets here:

After getting backlash for her original tweets on the "scariness" of red hats, Makkai followed up to take things a step further by putting red hats on the same level as swastikas.

See for yourself:

Makkai also clarified that she was talking about "normal people" driving in that Trump supporters and stable folk not offended by hats are abnormal:

So-called non-normal people, as Makkai sees them, called her out for this:

This is next-level Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Maybe it's evolving!

The response tweets to Makkai seem to agree.

Here's more great replies that will restore your faith in American patriots:


Townhall commented on the ridiculousness of Makai's call for a boycott of red hats:

Twitter is the place to drop an A-bomb like this. If this is serious, then this person needs help. If she wanted to get ratioed, mocked, and create a ruckus, then she certainly succeeded. Apparently, wearing red baseball caps is a triggering experience for Rebecca Makkai and she warned that it scares other people. Even baseball caps that aren’t political are not worth wearing because they trigger liberal America. I mean this is just weakness. And people wonder why the far left isn’t taken seriously and seen as antithetical to liberal democracy.

In response to Rebecca Makai, The Daily Wire pointed out that recently, many folks wearing MAGA hats have been attacked by her fellow liberals:

As far as being frightened by MAGA hats, Makkai might take note that there have been numerous incidents in which people wearing MAGA hats were the ones assaulted or oppressed by others, including:


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December 2017: A group of students wearing "Make America Great Again" hats were booted from a non-profit coffee shop on the Fordham University campus because the cafe is considered a "safe space," and the hats were triggering customers and staff.


April 2018: A woman at a D.C. restaurant also told reporters that she was assaulted for being a Trump supporter. Fox 5 reported, "D.C. police are searching for a pair of suspects who attacked a woman after she said she supported President Donald Trump. Police say the felony assault took place at around 1 a.m. on March 16 at the Surfside restaurant in the 1800 of N Street near Dupont Circle in Northwest D.C."


July 2018: A manager of a popular seafood joint in Vancouver discriminated against a customer in an iconic "Make America Great Again" hat, denying him service. Also July 2018, on Tuesday night, a Texas man assaulted a teenage boy wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat at a Whataburger restaurant in San Antonio.


November 2018: A female Harvard University graduate student who had a MAGA hat and legally-owned guns in her room was asked by her apartment owner to move out after her roommates reportedly searched through her room and found the guns.


February 2019: A man from Tennessee allegedly pulled a gun on a man wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat, stuck the gun in the MAGA-hat-wearing man’s face and reportedly threatened, "It’s a good day for you to die."


But red hats are scary.


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