Beto O'Rourke Dismisses Religion After Man At Campaign Event Urges America To Return To Christ

Beto O’Rourke Dismisses Religion After Man At Campaign Event Urges America To Return To Christ

As yet another example of Democrat disrespect of American values and Christianity – the foundation upon which our founding fathers built this great nation, a Christian man who attended a campaign event for Beto O’Rourke was booed by the crowd and insulted for his call for America to return to Jesus.

O’Rourke handed over the microphone to this courageous man, who identified himself as a Christ-following rocket scientist spoke,

“What’s happening in America today is there’s less religion, there are less goals, people are not getting married, people are not looking forward to goals and stuff in their lives.

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Basically, the fiber of America is what’s failing. When I was little, when I was little — you’re talking to a rocket scientist, I know you don’t believe that … I had goals. I’m a son of immigrants and we prayed in school.

Our worst problem in school was chewing gum under the desktop. So there were goals and our country made it to the moon. Now what’s happened is all of this has gone away, and because all of this stuff has gone away, people are what’s failing.

America is becoming more and more violent. We have a tendency to violence. The only thing that can save America is the word ‘Jesus.’

For a liberal crowd who claims to be tolerant of all, this crowd of Beto supporters certainly wasn't. 

Chants of "seperation of church & state" and "shut up and go to church" can be heard in the video of this man's bold, unashamed speech of truth.

To his credit, Beto didn't join in the jeers.

Instead, he just dismissed the man's comments to imply that it not lack of religion, goals, and morals tearing America apart with violence...but guns!

Beto replied,

“I just wanted to add something to what you said, which is that everyone in a developed country has cell phones, has video games, probably has a lower attendance at church than you do here in the United States, but comes nowhere close to the level of bloodshed and carnage.”

Watch the clip of the response this brave Christian man got from the crowd and Beto O'Rourke here from Charlie Kirk on Twitter:

This is what Democrats want - the extinction of religion and core American values.

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This is what the "tolerant left" looks like: berating Christians while celebrating anti-American sentiment.

This is why we can't let them win in 2020.

Let's get Trump -the only candidate for presidency who upholds American nationalism and our country's deep-rooted Christian values- four more years!


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