WAIT, WHAT? Watch Joe Biden Tell a Girl There Are “At Least 3 Genders”


Well, you learn something new every day I guess!  😂

I always thought the sky was blue, 2+2=4, and there are two genders.  

But not according to the Liberals and their fearless leader Joe Biden.

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Oh my.  

And it was all captured on video.

A female college student approached Joe Biden at the Iowa State Fair and asked him:

“Mr. Vice President, I’m a student here and I’m wondering, how many genders are there?”  

“Pardon me?” Biden responded. Katie then repeated the question.

Then he answers:  “There are at least three!”   [wait, what]

The student then asked him to name the genders, and that’s when things went downhill.

“Don’t play games with me kid,” Biden shot back.  And it felt creepy. 

Real creepy.

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Then he followed that up with grabbing the woman by the arm and saying “By the way, first one to come out for [gay] marriage was me!” 

I think true character is revealed in these unscripted, candid moments.  


Take a look:

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