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ORWELLIAN: Twitter Censor’s Pro-Trump Tweet Even Snopes Rates As “True”! Not Ok!


This is an appeal directly to President Trump and Rep. Devin Nunes.

It’s time to break up Twitter.

Stunningly, Twitter seems to be following George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” with incredible precision.

They seem unaware it was meant as a warning and not as a playbook.

Very scary.

It’s time to act, because if we don’t the amount of things you can say will soon be reduced down to almost zero!

Here’s what happened….

Twitter user @DailyTruthRpt posted this Tweet:


Twitter apparently didn't like that. 


It's unclear.

Did they not like the fact it was exposing Satanism?

Did they not like the fact it tied a mass shooter to Satanism and the Left?

We don't know why, but we know Twitter did NOT like the Tweet, because it immediately locked the account and told @DailyTruthRpt it was in violation of Twitter rules:


Here's where it gets interesting.

Take a look at that screenshot.  

"We determined this Tweet violated the Twitter Rules, specifically for:"

And then do you see there is nothing listed?

See how there's just blank space?

That's right, Twitter can't even come up with an explanation for which rule was violated (because there was none!).

The "Ministry of Truth" just didn't like the fact that Satanism and the Left were tied to a mass shooter.

Inconvenient facts I guess.

So Twitter locks the account and gives you two choices:  (1) self-censor and delete the Tweet yourself - how rich is that?  Force you to pull the trigger against yourself.  Wow.  

Or (2) Appeal.

Here's what happens when you Appeal:


Look at that.  

Another push to just delete the Tweet.

Why does Twitter want this deleted so bad?

And why are they forcing the user to delete it themselves?

Oh by the way, very important fact.....I may have neglected to mention this so far.

Even the far-left Snopes that all these Technocrats love has rated the Tweet as TRUE.


Take a look:


So what happened after the Appeal?

This email came in:


Look at that!

More blank space.

The Tweet violates Twitters rules around: _________.


Folks, they can't even say which one of their precious rules it violates!

Not as though I place any value in their rules. 

I place value in FREE SPEECH and the constitutionally-protected FREE SPEECH guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights!

And don't ever forget it!

Don't ever forget this:


And before someone wants to chime in with "Twitter is a private company, they can do whatever they want".....

Respectfully, I appreciate that you took Civics in 11th Grade (probably the last grade you completed) but you're just wrong.

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When Twitter has become a Public Square,
When it has become such an important platform for political discourse in America,
When it is given protections as a "publisher" and not a content creator....

Then it no longer gets to claim it's only a "private company".

You don't get to have it both ways.  

You don't get Section 230 immunity (CDA) as a publisher and also get to censor each individual Tweet from users you don't agree with.

So this post is a direct appeal (with evidence!) to President Trump and Rep. Nunes in your fight to regulate and PARE BACK the Technocracies that are ruining America.  

It's time to act!


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