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Democrat Presidential Hopeful Marianne Williamson Promises To Remove Andrew Jackson Portrait From WH!


If one of these Democrat presidential hopefuls running for 2020 actually makes it into the White House, we’re in trouble.

So is historical art, apparently, if little-known Democrat Marianne Williamson ever becomes president!

Williamson – who is a “spiritual self-help guru” and author – seems to be running her campaign for 2020 on the platform of destroying American history.

She has pledged that one of her first acts as president would be to get rid of an Andrew Jackson portrait that right now hangs on a wall in the Oval Office. Because, you know, priorities.

Apparently, former president Andrew Jackson, whom some have compared to President Trump, is such an attrocity to our past, according to liberals.

This is why we need a true patriot like President Trump to stay in office for four more years (and why he will!)


Along with taking down the historical portrait of Andrew Jackson, Williamson has vowed to rescind the military medals of dead men who fought against Native Americans as an "act of atonement."

Fox News has more details:

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, calling for a national "atonement" over the treatment of Native Americans, vowed Monday to rescind medals of honor for those who fought against them and even take down President Andrew Jackson's portrait from the Oval Office if she's elected.

The spiritual author, who has gained a devoted following in recent weeks for her memorable debate performances, called for a “new era of American history” with Native Americans during an appearance at the Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum.

"We can atone. We can make amends," Williamson said. "And if and when I'm president of the United States, we will. We will begin by taking that picture of Andrew Jackson off the wall of the Oval Office."

Jackson’s presidency was notoriously marked by the signing of the Indian Removal Act, which resulted in violent conflicts between Native Americans and the U.S. government amid the relocation of thousands of Native Americans.

Williamson called the portrait "one of the greatest insults."

She then took aim at another symbol from that historic period, vowing to withdraw military medals of honor for those who fought against Native Americans.

Politico also said:

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on Monday told a Native American forum that she would remove the portrait of former President Andrew Jackson that currently hangs in the Oval Office should she be elected to the White House.

“I want people of the United States to come to understand that what occurred on this planet was one of the great evils of history, but that I believe in redemption for nations as well for individuals,” Williamson said, referring to the federal government’s historic mistreatment of America’s original inhabitants.

“We can atone. We can make amends. And if and when I’m president of the United States, we will,” she continued. “We will begin by taking that picture of Andrew Jackson off the wall of the Oval Office, I assure you.”

The pledge from the author and self-help guru was met by hearty applause from attendees of a presidential candidates forum in Sioux City, Iowa, hosted by Four Directions, a Native American voting rights organization. 


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