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“Shouting & Shrieking” Reportedly Heard From Epstein’s Jail Cell Morning He Died


New reports state that “shouting & shrieking” was heard coming from his jail cell on the morning of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, contradicting earlier reports that a nearby inmate heard nothing while Epstein was supposedly hanging himself.

On August 13, CBS This Morning stated:

On the morning of Jeffrey Epstein’s death there was shouting and shrieking from his jail cell, a source familiar with the situation told CBS News. Corrections officers attempted to revive him while saying “breathe, Epstein, breathe.”

However, NBC News gave this opposing statement one day earlier:

An inmate locked up a few cells away from Jeffrey Epstein heard nothing out of the ordinary the morning of his death, according to the man’s lawyer.

“Nobody heard anything,” said Bruce Barket, who represents Nicholas Tartaglione, a former upstate New York police officer awaiting trial on murder charges.

“It was a silent act.”

So, either one of these news sources is mistaken or…something more sinister went on in that jail cell than we are being led to believe.

Tim Pool made a great video explaining the contradictions between news sources on what happened the morning of Epstein’s death over the weekend.

Watch here:


While the reports of "shouting & shrieking" coming from Esptein's cell could have just been a mistake, CBS wasn't the only news outlet to report it.

The Washington Examiner also said:

There was reportedly shouting and shrieking coming from billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s prison cell the morning that he was found dead of an apparent suicide. 


CBS News reported Tuesday that the noises were heard from the cell located in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, a variable-security lockup dubbed the “Guantanamo of New York.” It is unclear who was making the noises or when they were heard. 


The 66-year-old Epstein was found unresponsive Saturday around 6:30 a.m. He had reportedly used a bedsheet to fashion a noose and hang himself from the top of a bunk bed. When guards found the financier, they attempted to resuscitate him, while saying “breathe, Epstein, breathe.” 

And, UK news source The Independent stated:

Shrieking and yelling were heard coming from Jeffrey Epstein‘s cell on the morning of his death, it has been reported.


People nearby heard a commotion characterised as shouting, shrieking and yelling in a report by CBS News.


The broadcaster cited unnamed sources, who added that guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Centre (MCC) in New York had tried to revive the alleged sex trafficker.


“Breathe, Epstein, breathe,” they were reported as having said during the effort.


It came as pressure mounted on prison authorities in the wake of Epstein’s apparent suicide on Saturday.

So...the question remains: why were noises of distress coming from Epstein's cell.

Also, why would a lawyer say otherwise, as NBC News reported on?

Was it really suicide or was it a cover-up?

Was it murder?

If so, who did it?

What do you think?


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