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Black Voters Tear Apart Trump Racism Narrative: Trump ‘Needs To Be Going Up on Mt. Rushmore!’


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In this day and age where mainstream media has wholeheartedly embraced the false narrative of our president, Donald Trump, being a racist – a baseless claim that the left is using to blame Trump for tragedies instead of looking inward to find a real solution, let’s examine what black voters really think about our president.

Despite what most news outlets would have you think, a huge amount of African-American patriots are actually spreading a message that counters that of popular media.

Black Trump-supporters like The Hodge Twins have said, 

“He’s gonna go down as the greatest president of all time,” and “[Trump] needs to be going up on Mt. Rushmore!”

In response to the narrative that Trump is a white supremacist, the twins also recently posted this:

And, they're not the only ones.

Watch this great compilation video of all the African-American supporters that Trump has won over with his excellent presidency so far:


So...is the mainstream media "Trump is racist" narrative DESTROYED yet?

It's certainly divorced from the TRUTH!

Let the people speak!

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