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Ryan Daniel Moran: What Everyone Gets WRONG About President Trump


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I came across this video today and I thought it was really well done.  

It’s an outsider’s view of Donald Trump.

I don’t agree with everything in here, but I do think it’s really interesting to see an outsider’s view — an entrepreneur’s view.  

This video focuses on Donald Trump’s biggest strength and on that I do agree:  he is unpredictable.  

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I’ve said this for a long time…I don’t think anything he does is on accident.  All of the things that appear off the wall, or off the cuff, or the things that people say “I wish he wouldn’t do that.”

To everyone who thinks that, you’re missing what makes him so effective.  So hard to beat.  So hard to pin down.  So hard to gain the upper hand against.  

It’s exactly his unpredictability that gives him a tremendous advantage.

It’s almost like he wrote the book on The Art of the Deal, he’s so good at it! 😁


So, without further adieu, please enjoy:

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