SICK: Dayton Nurse Doxxed By Leftists, Now Facing Death Threats For Posing With Trump In Photo!

SICK: Dayton Nurse Doxxed By Leftists, Now Facing Death Threats For Posing With Trump In Photo!

This is so sad.

Rita – one of the nurses who saved lives after the Dayton shooting last Sunday when the victims were brough to Miami Valley Hospital is now fearing for her own life after heartless leftists doxxed her and are now sending her death threats.


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Because she posed with President Trump, who visited the hospital to thank the staff, and posted it online to her social media.

A Twitter account called “Time to impeach 45!” took the picture from Rita’s social media page, inserted a photo of Hitler surrounded by women beneath it, then shared it on his own page along with her phone number and the phone numbers of other hospital staff.

The account called on left-wingers to “Contact Miami Valley in Dayton and let them know,” which apparently they did, since Rita has now deleted her Facebook page and has to be escorted to and from work.

Take a look at this heart-breaking news that is being shared on Twitter and Instagram in support of Rita:


Here's the doxxing tweet from the account that started it:

LaCorteNews has an overview of what happened to Rita:

A nurse who helped the numerous survivors and victims in the aftermath of the shooting that took place over the weekend in Dayton, Ohio, has been receiving death threats after she posted a picture with President Trump on social media.

The story was shared on Instagram by a user who heard about the situation from the nurse's niece.

Rita, who works at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, was one of the nurses who helped save the lives of the people who injured when the gunman opened fire on Sunday. During his visit, President Trump thanked Rita and asked for a photo with her.

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